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Jan 25, 2009 09:18 AM

Good Sushi place in Otaru?

I understand that the discussion in here seems like focus mainly in Tokyo / Osaka / and Kyoto..

But if anyone could recommend me some good sushi places in Otaru, I'll be very appreciated.
Some said that Sushi in Otaru are overpriced, still want to try anyway.

Have been to Ise Sushi already.

Anywhere else to recommend?
My budget is around 5-7,000 yen per person.

Thank you.

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    1. I was in Otaru last year. The place is teaming with sushi places and places serving uni don. etc,. I was looking for the better value places, but i don't think you can go so far wrong with most of them.. I got a decent uni don for about 2000 yen.. Cant recommend a specific place, but i think its all good.. Most places will exceed the quality of higher end places in the US / Europe.

      1. If I am ever in Otaru, I want to try Hakkaku 八角魚 as sushi or sashimi

        1. @CPMK Out of interest what did you think of Ise Sushi? I will be visiting Hokkaido for the first time next month and am planning to stop by Otaru. Would be interested in hearing if you found any other good places in Otaru and/or Hokkaido in general (e.g. Sapporo).

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            We were on a tour that gave us 2 hours to roam Otaru on our own. The first thing that we did was to have lunch at Kitano Ryoba which was across the street from the tour bus parking lot. It's a fish market /sushi restaurant. We both ordered their chirashi bowls which was quite expensive for lunch (2500 to 2800 yen) but very good. The topping was so fresh. I had the uni ikura bowl.