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Jan 25, 2009 09:10 AM

Thuet - Bite Me - Review

Two couples went recently and we thought we would try their $49 tasting or "social" menu. What a disappointment. I don't think we'll ever ever go back to any of his places.

First of all, although the meal is $49, the cocktails are $16 and $17, and the wines are all marked up 250%. Nothing under $55. The waiter asked us if we wanted wine and we asked what was being served that night on the social menu.. He didn't know. What ever happened to the pre-meal briefing?

He went away and we then saw him over talking to the bartender. He came back with two recommendations and we chose an $85 Portuguese red. Yikes.

Appetizer was head cheese salad. Main was pork tenderloin with polenta. Next was a single cheese plate for the four of us. I managed to get two liitle bites of cheese as the quantity (especially) for 4 was tiny. I've had larger single serving cheese plates in France than this one. Dessert was aa rice pudding with a tiny ball of ice cream.

In this economy, you would think a restauranteur would be trying to please customers. Obviously not and I guess that the empty tables on a Friday night were the evidence.

Never again. Thuet -- you blew it!

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  1. Agreed...I also experienced quite the lack-lustre dinner there 2 months ago. I will definately not return. I still can't get over the amateurish behaviour and service by the owner/manager and bartender that evening. I believe the fact that they felt the need to re-brand / re-launch their restaraunt 3 times within 3 years has hurt Thuet's credibility. Also, if I recall correctly, very poor wine list with incredible mark-ups.

    1. You can third me on this one.

      I recently gave Thuet another chance since I was a fan of his cooking, but enough is enough. It's been twice now that I've had not up to par experiences and really, there's just too many choices out there to keep going back, "hoping" that it'll be better next time. After after the PR, and after all the parties, you have to be able to deliver. I'm not sure that they're really in this for the "love of food" or "love of hospitality".

      People like Albino Silva at Chiado, and Didier Leroy of Didier's - those are the people that understand the entire package.

      Fortunately for us, we have the choice of saying "never again". And, thanks to global travel these days, the bar has been raised quite high. And we should expect as such from our Toronto restaurateurs.

      1. Never a fan of Thuet and his 'screaming' wife! Overpriced and over-rated!

        1. Boy, all this time and I just thought it was only our table who felt ripped off by a lacklustre meal there.

          1. Wow, Bite Me was a restaurant I wanted to try this year, but apparently it's not worth trying. Well, I definately appreciate the money saved....better to spend it at another meal at Scaramouche

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              Agreed! Even his little food shop in Rosedale is not worth the trip. I walked in, and out in less that 5 minutes. Very uninspiring.

              1. re: millygirl

                How amusing, I did exactly the same with the Rosdale shop a couple a couple of days ago. I took a plain croissant with me and it was average.