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Jan 25, 2009 08:57 AM

Winehouse in Ghent? Norfolk, VA

Anyone it? I went there a few years back twice and was not impressed --found the meny a bit inconsistent & service blah...but I see they have $$$ to move to a better location in this economy so maybe they have gotten better...anyone?

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  1. sorry this took so long to girlfriends and I love it and they have 1/2 off bottles on tues and 1/2 off entrees on sun. They aslo have a $15 tasting from 4-6:30 ($15 for any and all the wines that are open.) We love this place and I recomend the food though it isn't my fav dinner place, the deals are unbeatable.

    1. Used to love the winehouse, but after a change in staff a few years ago, I stopped going. Went back a few weeks ago for their happy hour--and to try out the new location. Food (cheese and appetizer) and wine were great (we also did the wine tasting for $15), but the service at the bar was horrible. The bartender was no where to be found for most of our time there. We finished our cheese plate and decided to order another appetizer about ten minutes before happy hour was over, but we couldn't find the bartender. She finally reappeared about 2 minutes after happy hour ended and we told her that we wanted the appetizer (one that was only offered during happy hour), and she said, "sorry, you can't get that past six oclock." I told her that we had been looking for her for at least 15 minutes, and voila, she was able to put in the order. Needless to say, our experience went downhill after that. She was obviously angry and wouldn't make eye contact with us. Further, she overcharged us when we got the bill. We will not be back, but it's disappointing because we did enjoy our wine and food.

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        sorry your experience was so bad! I usually only go on either sundays (1/2 price entrees) or tuesdays (1/2 price bottles). I also like their tastings and have had good service since I usually sit at the bar. Have you been to press 626? I've wanted to try it but haven't had a chance yet

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          I have not been to 626 but it's definitely on my list! I love that location. Keep us posted if you try it before I do!