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Jan 25, 2009 08:51 AM

Tempeh in Calgary

I'm interested in trying tempeh, and I am not sure where exactly to find it. Looking through nearby grocery stores, such as Safeway and Superstore, I didn't see it on the store shelves.

Anyone know where exactly I can get it?
Preferably somewhere in the NE (Marlborough Area), if not, anywhere is fine, I guess?

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  1. i don't know calgary at all. but i would try t&t

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    1. re: vandan

      I wasn't able to find it there either. Only tofu, which I don't mind at all, since I stock up like mad on those. But I have always wondered what tempeh tasted like and wanted to get a go with it.

      1. re: shdiep

        sorry i know a few places here though

        1. re: shdiep

          Community Natural Foods has got to have tempeh. In fact I'd be shocked if they didn't have it at Safeway. Tempeh is not all that exotic.

          Tempeh is not remotely like tofu. Tofu and tempeh are as different as are, say, a pancake and a loaf of French bread. Tempeh is incredibly versatile and great in a sandwich; it's firm and nutty and really quite delicious- in fact you've put me in the mood to buy some!

        2. re: vandan

          T&T has lots of bean curd and tofu, but no tempeh that I have been able to find.

        3. I've always found a supply of it at Planet Organic here in Edmonton, and I think there is two PO locations in Calgary (one of them in the north).

          1. I've bought it at Community Natural Foods recently. Amaranth probably has it too, but I would call to check first.

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            1. They absolutely have it at Planet Organic, Community foods and at Sunnyside Market.

              If you were wanting to try it cooked for you, The Coup has a fantastic Tempeh Dijon Ceasar salad. The Tempeh sticks are even good cold the next day.

              1. You can buy flavoured tempeh at Community Naturals and the Superstore amongst other places. Tempeh burgers are available at most grocery stores. If you are looking for plain tempeh, I don't know what to suggest because I have been searching for years and been unsuccessful. For those who have suggested Planet Organic, do you know if they have only the flavoured varieties or if they carry plain tempeh? I am not as familiar with their stock.

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                1. re: PinkHeartsRedRoses

                  They have plain unflavoured tempeh, (which is imported from Indonesia, fyi) in the freezer section at Hong Kong Market in Forest Lawn (3215 17 Ave SE). It's in an open freezer in the same aisle as the spices. That might not be a location convenient to you at all but its an option for plain tempeh if you happen to be in the area.

                  1. re: nyarlathotep

                    Thank you so much Nyar! I am definately going to go check that out. I do live in the Northeast so it isn't too, too far to go. If I find it, I am going to be superthrilled because I have been looking for years and thought that I would have to special-order it online somehow.

                  2. re: PinkHeartsRedRoses

                    Planet Organic carries Plain, BBQ, Indonesian Curry and Smoked tempeh packages. The BBQ ones are sold in burger patty form and the others are in squares. I visit PO pretty much every week. The Smoked & BBQ flavours are always there all the time but they're sometimes out of the Curry & Plain ones. You can find them in the refridgerated section, near the cheese (in the SW location).

                    1. re: cellophane_star

                      Awesome. Thanks so much. I come across the marinated ones all the time. Like I love the curry. But finding plain has been a challenge for me! I will have to make a trip to Planet Organic sometime and check it out. I did manage to find some frozen at the Hong Kong Market so I am excited about that. Thanks again guys!

                      1. re: PinkHeartsRedRoses

                        I've only seen one brand of tempeh at PO/Comm Nat. The Plain variety is in a light green package. I visit the SW PO every week so I'll see if it's there and report back!

                        1. re: cellophane_star

                          I saw fresh tempeh being sold at the Canadian Indonesian Social Club's Warung Sabtu (translated Saturday Store) yesterday. It usually happens the last saturday of the month-all kinds of Indon goodies can be bought. Google them and check their site to confirm if Warung Sabtu happens or even contact them and they can likely put you in touch with someone who is making the goodies fresh in Calgary.

                          Stupid me, I meant to buy the tempeh to try it but forgot.

                          1. re: cellophane_star

                            EDIT: Planet Organic & Comm Nat (both in the SW) did not have plain tempeh last weekend (Nov 5)