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Jan 25, 2009 08:09 AM

GW Fins - not closed

i thought i read on a post here that GW Fins was closed. however i called them and they are doing very well, they said. another location, in charlotte, did close.

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  1. Good news. While I do not feel that it gets the accolades on this board, that it deserves, it would be a great shame, should it close.

    We have had nothing but very good food, and excellent service, on many visits. The venue could be a little less noisy, but then this is in the FQ in NOLA. It is not a fine-dining venue, but with fine food.

    Not sure what the problem that so many folk have with this restaurant, but there is something that does not seem to resonate with NOLA hounds. Maybe I've just been away for too long.

    Thanks for reporting, and I wish them well.


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      ive only been one time (after bayona's um, slow, hostess turned us down around 9pm due to shutting down for the nite) and felt GW's was very gracious -- the host, the servers, and management. in fact the table service was so good i gave the manager my kudos.

      very generous sea scallops portion.

      gotta go back one of these nites.

    2. GW Fins Charlotte restaurant closed, not the original New Orleans location

      1. We had dinner here one night on Ash Wednesday and LOVED it. I saw an appetizer that I liked and they offered (without my having to ask!) to prepare it as an entree.
        I'm not a big seafood eater (but it WAS Ash Wednesday!) but I couldn't have been happier!

        1. Thank goodness. I was about to panic. My husband and I love the restaurant and go there when we drive over to N.O. The first time we went was a year or so after Katrina and they were open but hardly anyone was in there. The waiter was charming and the food was delicious. The lobster dumplings stood out. Have been several times since and has always been excellent.