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Jan 25, 2009 07:15 AM

How can I make spinach

My family really loves spinach but what can I do about that terrible after taste that clings to your teeth. I do it raw I do it cooked etc but we all still get that awful taste after we eat it. Do any of you hounds have a solution?

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  1. That "taste" is due to oxalic acid, boiling can reduce the amount of acid. A cream sauce will overpower the oxalic acid. A couple of the local steakhouses offer creamed spinach. A Japanese style of spinach involves steaming the spinach, wring out the liquid, form into a cube, dress with a sweet shoyu based sauce.

    1. Cream sauce and nutmeg may help, also small cubes of feta. To my taste, spinach can take quite a bit of salt.

      Alan's suggestion is a good one, note this dish is usually served cold in small portions as a side. The Japanese name is 'goma ae', in case you want to search for specific directions.

      Also it isn't truly boiling. Boiling your spinach will result in something you will have no desire to put into your mouth. But blanching works nicely indeed.

      1. The best way to get non-spinach eaters to eat spinach is to disguise the taste and texture the best way you can. I think spanakopita does just that . Don't be intimidated by phyllo. I use vegetable spray, and I "pre-score" the spanakopita before putting it in the oven and everything comes out perfect. As a precaution, just be sure to keep your filling fairly moist, but not too moist (just enough to hold a ball/clump).

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          Good point Cheese Boy!.

          A local favorite is called Joe's Special, a scramble with ground beef, mushrooms, onions, spinach, and eggs, my version includes some grated fontina cheese.

          And, I add some steamed spinach to cheesesteaks.