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Jan 25, 2009 06:54 AM

Best Doughnuts in CT?

I'm really getting tired of Dunkin Donuts' and Tim Horton's doughnuts, but I haven't been able to find any local places that make their own. Does anyone know where I can get a good doughnut (preferably in the Hartford area)?

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  1. Sadly, not in the Hartford area, Beach Doughnut of South Lyme and Clinton is wonderful. The South Lyme location is on Hartford Ave. in Sound View Beach. It is seasonal. They have been there for over fifty years. They used to be open early in the morning, close midday, and open again at four in the afternoon. There would be a line waiting for their lemon sticks, cinnamon buns, glazed...The Clinton locatioin is on Rte. 1, across the road from Grove Gardens and is open year round.

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    1. re: rosieg

      Ditto, Beach Doughnuts, the BEST.

      1. re: chefstu

        Krispy Kreme ?

        lol sorry, couldn't resist. Personally I don't even like their donuts. Noticed at Mohegan yesterday there's like one on every corner and full of people. Yuck.

        1. re: chefstu

          Have you been to the Sound View location?

        2. re: rosieg

          Beach Donuts, sadly is no longer in the Sound View area and I'm not certain they are even in Clnton anymore, but don't quote me. I tried to check that out as I drove by the other day, but missed the plaza

          1. re: mthrthyme

            They are still in Clinton. Drive by their all the time and was just in there a couple of weeks ago. Amazing donuts!! The smell from the parking lot just blows you away.

            1. re: mthrthyme

              Just picked up half a dozen. Their shop is in the strip mall just west of Westbrook Lobster on Rt. 1 at the Westbrook/Clinton town line.

              Their cheese danish is great too!

            2. re: rosieg

              Lakeside Diner off exit 34 on the Merritt bakes a very tasty homemade cinnamon sugar cake donut. ( Puts Stew L's version into orbit.) Perfect topper to their fabulous pancakes. Carb central. If only the rest of the menu lived up to those two items... and its great water view.

            3. I am happy to say that I have two, maybe 3 suggestions for you.
              1. Elmwood bakery on New Britain Ave in West Hartford. They have really good and homemade donuts. My favorites are the cinnamon sugar raised and the chocolate covered.
              2. Tastease on New Park Avenue in Hartford. They specialize in mini donuts all of which seem to be a variation on the "old fashioned" style. This place is a total find too. You can get a "platter" of them on the cheap ($6 and change I think) and dazzle coworkers or the hostess of a party. They come in interesting flavors such as heath bar and pumpkin. They can also personalize them for parties.
              3. Abby's bakery on Farmington Ave in West Hartford has good churros if that's your sort of thing.

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              1. re: masha bousha

                Luke's Donuts, 395 W Avon Rd. in Avon. They promise "the best donuts this side of heaven" and I don't disagree. My old boss used to bring them in and ask if anybody wanted some religion. ;) Wish they were closer to me--they are so delicious. The double chocolate and Boston creams are my faves. Here's an old article (2002) with info about Luke's and other indie donut joints in CT. Hopefully most are still going strong:

                1. re: kattyeyes

                  Luke's donuts are still pretty good, but not quite as good as they used to before the place was sold to the current owners. Nevertheless, the old fashioned plain donuts are still slightly crunchy on the outside, as they should be.

                  1. re: Lee Gordon

                    Thanks, Lee. It's been a couple of years, but I remember them fondly. Thanks to this thread, I'll try some other new favorites closer to home. Your avatar cracks me up, btw. ;)

                    1. re: kattyeyes

                      Still good but as you say, not quite as good as they used to be, but still a much better than average donut and worth the trip.

                    2. re: Lee Gordon

                      Michael's Bakery in E. Hartford has pretty good donuts. They have the aformentioned slightly crunchy plain donuts.

                      1. re: Waquoit

                        Yes, they do--in fact, more than just pretty good, if you ask me. My uncle is also a fan.

                    3. re: kattyeyes

                      I was in Avon today and made a beeline for Luke's Donuts. I grabbed a chocolate glazed. It was every bit as delicious as I recall--slightly crunchy outside, moist and cakelike inside, covered in a sweet glaze.

                      I will say that some of the donuts looked pretty homely and not as I remember from "the old days." The Boston Creams were frosted in a light brown (???) frosting. I half thought they must be maple, but no, the guy told me they were Boston Creams. And some of the chocolate glazed ones looked pretty raggedy, too...not sure what happened. Some were misshapen and oddly maybe this is what folks have been saying here about "not quite as good." But overlook the "funny" ones and it seems (at least in terms of chocolate) they still taste as good as ever.

                      What's up with those Boston Creams, though?!!!

                    4. re: masha bousha

                      HI Masha,

                      I recommended Abby's for churros awhile back, and you mentioned you would go there. Glad to see you liked them.

                      1. re: masha bousha

                        The jelly donut at the Elmwood Bakery stands out as one of the best I've had. The others were not so great.

                        Tastease is just okay! I love the concept and they are beautiful to look at, but the frosting is just too much.

                        I haven't been to Abby's, but now that I know they have churros, I will definitely make a stop!

                      2. Also not in the Hartford area, but Neil's donuts in the Yalesville section of Wallingford has GREAT homemade donuts. He makes a bunch of different flavors and makes the old fashioned cake donuts. You won't be disappointed.

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                        1. re: jquest619

                 Eddy's bake shop for paczki. Possibly the best donut I've ever had.

                          1. re: jquest619

                            A friend brought me a dozen of Neil's donuts for my 40th birthday last weekend. They were as fantastic as everyone says. I already asked her (last night) "you're stopping there again this weekend, right?"
                            I particularly liked the Bavarian Cream. Sadly I was so full of other chowish foods when trying Neil's I feel I need another bunch of them to sample, STAT!!

                            1. re: jquest619

                              I went to Neil's last weekend and ate the best donut of my ENTIRE LIFE! I will now be making regular pilgrimages and thinking of excuses to head in that direction. JUST WOW. There's a Dunkin' Donuts down the street...just laugh and keep going to the RIGHT place. :)

                            2. In eastern CT:
                              Dixie Donuts in Norwichtown - along West Town Street, near Route 2/32. Great doughnuts, but also great breakfast wraps and sandwiches. There's a line every morning when they open ~ 5-6am.
                              Arremony's Bakery in Jewetty City - Can't believe I'm giving up my secret, but this is the best bakery in the area. Great doughnuts, pastries, breads, and the birthday cakes are outstanding.

                              1. Also, not Hartford area, but I love Julia's Bakery Kettle Doughnuts in Orange. Melt-in-your-mouth good.