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Jan 25, 2009 06:29 AM

Great stone crab at a great price in Fort Lauderdale?

I just moved to Fort Lauderdale and I am looking for a great place for excellent quality stone crab. Most places for some ridiculous reason are now charging BY THE OUNCE! I was charged $3 an ounce ($48 per pound!) at Trina recently and the claws were not even the claimed "jumbo" - they were about mediums. And another establishment wanted $3.50 an ounce! That is ridiculous. I mean I love places like Joe's and Monty's used to have all-you-could-eat, years ago, but what are the options now without dropping $100 and still being hungry? Any in Fort Lauderdale?

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  1. AYCE stone crabs... at Catfish Deweys, N. Andrews Ave.


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        I think the AYCE crab at Catfish Dewey's is Snow Crab and not Stones. I could be wrong but that's what I remember from my last visit. They also sell Stones but not AYCE.

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          Alfred G - It's both although they run short of Stone Crab on some nights. The AYCE Stones are an every night item when available (http://www.catfishdeweys.com/blog.html). The Snow Crab AYCE is on Thursdays and Sundays (see the right side of the menu: http://www.catfishdeweys.com/menu.html


          Catfish Deweys
          4003 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

      2. I think Kelly's Landing has stone crab claw specials on Tues. and Wed. nights. You'd have to call to verify.

        1. triar seafood hollywood
          other chow postings recommend these guys highly
          been there - great quality
          15.00 large
          20.00 jumbos

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            Thanks. Not familiar with any of these places. I assume the $20 for jumbos means $20 a pound?

            1. re: alanhotatl

              yes and that would be for 2-3 claws per pound
              they make their own sauce and it's delicious
              recommend calling first, as they sell out quickly

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              I went there today and had the pleasure of meeting Peter Jarvis President-

              it was tricky to find this place-
              no numbers or signs with places' name
              it is small bay #7 there r 2
              knock and walk in-someone will help you-right away

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