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Jan 25, 2009 05:07 AM

Frank @ the AGO Brunch - Re-Reviewed

Since my last visit to the AGO and brunch at Frank my mom has been talking it up non stop, so we went back on Saturday.

It was definately much busier and we had to poach seats at the bar from people just as they were leaving in order to get three together.

I again ordered the Moules Frites, which were once again excellent, large muscles and I found the clams to be hartier than my previous visit.

Mom and dad both ordered steak and eggs. Although she raved about them last time, mom was not impressed. The meat was quite fatty and the egg was slightly overcooked for her liking. Dad, the strong silent time, said it was fine but that he wouldnt necessarily order it again.

Brunch for 3 with one soda and one coffee including tax and tip for less than 65$. It pains me to reign in my enthousiastic review but I think I would have to say that they have dropped slightly in my view. While still tasty (and the moules frites is a deal at $14, if you ask me!) maybe there are kitchen consistency issues?

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