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Jan 25, 2009 04:03 AM

Fri. nite in Greenville(SC)

Husband and I are going to spend the nite in Greenville and would like to appetizer hop, i.e. go to a couple of different places downtown for a drinks and small plates/tapas/apps rather than have one big meal.
Any recommendations?

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  1. My husband and I do this most weekends, some of my favorites:

    grilled pizza, fried goat cheese, or cheese plate @ Lazy Goat (if you are planning on going this coming friday, you can get $25 towards your purchase at

    cheese plate, pasta small plate special (we had eggplant with gnocchi this weekend that was very good), the veggie small plate special (rotates) or fondue @ Stellar

    an "appetizer trio" @ Pomegranate (pick 3, we always do hummus as 1)

    the baked cheese appetizer @ Brown Street, or the smoked salmon app

    Smiley's has surprisingly good food, the chipotle pimento app is good (it's good on the burger too). I've had a couple of other things there that escape me right now.

    charcuterie plate @ High Cotton

    Rey's is now a bar (not a market) and had a decent looking bar-food menu, but we didn't eat. Just had beers - they have a really great selection. Little bare bones right now as they have just converted it from the market to the bar.

    I love the bar menu at devereaux's, but have had only really horrible experiences sitting at the bar, so typically skip it.