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Jan 25, 2009 03:31 AM

Vegetarian in Barcelona


What is the best begetarian meal you have eaten in Barcelona?

Just wanted to get some recommendations for a trip I am taking to Barcelona next month.... I am a veggie and wondered if there are any restaurants/ cafes/ bars you'd particularily recommend (doesn't have to be all veggie, maybe just with a couple of really good veggie options).


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  1. Sesamo, near Mercat de Sant Antoni, is good and all vegetarian.

    C/ Sant Antoni Abat 52
    08001 Barcelona, Spain
    +34 934 416 411

    1. You should try any of the Origens restaurants. I like the one in Gracia, but they're pretty consistent from one to another. They cook only Catalan seasonal regional specialties and have a wide selection of excellent vegetarian tapas, main courses, and sweets.