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Jan 25, 2009 02:08 AM

old town Alexandria

I've spent a lot of time recently in old town Alexandria lately and noticed the very large amount of restaurants. Anyone have an opinion of which is the best all around? Combine reasonable price, food quality, decent wine list and atmosphere.

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  1. I'm a fan of Majestic Cafe. Good food, good service, reasonable but can get pricy. The cakes for dessert are very good.

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    1. re: jongchen

      I'd second that. It is one of my favoriate places.

      1. re: newtova

        One more recommendation for Majestic. Once, I thought the lasagna bolognese (at Nana's Sunday Dinner) was a bit TOO much comfort food (heavy). Other than that, I have never been dissappointed. I have heard good things about the wine list and atmosphere at Light Horse which is a new spot on King Street. Also, I think La Tasca is a decent choice, especially at Happy Hour.

    2. Vermilion on King St. for casually upscale. Interesting drinks and apps especially.

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        I recently read The Washingtonian magazine which had Vermilion, The Majestic, and Restaurant Eve rated in its top 100 restaurants in the DC area. Anyone know anything about The Warehouse Bar & Grill or Grape and Bean? I like finding the unique and quirky places in that area to take my girlfriend.

        1. re: dsteil1

          I have never eaten at the Warehouse but it is a nice space. Grape and Bean is a wine and coffee shop. It is a nice little place as well. It has some great espresso. Restaurant Eve it not likely to be called "reasonable price." The food quality, however, is often at the top of the DC heap and sometimes in a league of its own for the area. Majestic is also owned by the Armstrongs and has a much lower price point. Vermilion is a bit more expensive than Majestic and can often be quiet but does have good food

          1. re: daves_32

            So I take it the Armstrongs also own Restaurant Eve? I thought those places were both chef/owner owned. I thought Grape and Bean served food. I'm looking for a nice yet reasonably priced place to take a girl I only recently started dating.

            1. re: dsteil1

              I have gone on a date to Majestic. It is great! go for it, select one of the nice cocktails for her, get your favorite entree, and share the cake of the day! you won't be dissappointed!
              As for Cathal Armstrong, he owns Majestic, Eve, PX (speakeasy lounge), and Eammon's Fish and Chips.
              Vermilion is a part of Neighborhood Restaurant Group with Rustico, Tallula, Eat Bar, Evening Star, and soon Birch and Barley and Churchkey.

              1. re: daves_32

                I have been to Majestic a few weeks ago and I spoke to Alex the service director who informed me of the long wait during lunch. The wait was long enough that we decided to leave. While I was there I examined the menu which looks extremely apetiezing, but the wine list for dinner looked reasonable.

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            Warehouse Bar and Grill is good. Have been there several times. I believe it is owned by the same people that own RTs (correct me if I'm wrong). The crawfish and shrimp beignets were very good. Many of the entrees tend toward a "Creole/Southern" style. I've had a couple of sandwiches as well that were decent. It wouldn't be my first pick for dinner but it certainly wouldn't be at the bottom either.

            1. re: SheriS

              A few other decent, not outstanding places:

              Chadwicks (half price burgers on Monday and good happy hour)
              Southside 815 (great fried chicken, decent po boys which are half price on Mondays)
              Mai Thai

        2. Overwood on Lee Street, it can be loud, but is reasonably priced American food prepared with attention. Fun place, but maybe not easy to converse. Vaso's Kitchen is in the northern end of Old Town, casual Greek dining.

          1. For pretty casual, but good we enjoy The Pita House, too. Although it wouldn't be the best first date type of place...

            I second the suggestion for the Majestic. I really like most of the restaurants in the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, but have never been to Vermillion, Tallula is one of my staples though. The Armstrong's restaurants are all great, as well. It is nice living in NOVA :)