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Jan 24, 2009 11:29 PM

birthday brunch: lambert's or green pastures?

so, it's 2 am it's my birthday, and in about ten hours (hopefully most of them spent actually dreaming, rather than daydreaming about food, as i am doing at the moment) i'm being taken to brunch by a friend.

what i'm wondering: should i have her take me to lambert's, or green pastures? (we have reservations at both, so that i might prolong my indecision)

i haven't been to sunday brunch at either place. actually, i haven't been to a brunch buffet in austin, period.

both seem very appealing. i love the atmosphere at lambert's. i'm a little wary of the 'republican, octogenarian' atmosphere that green pastures supposedly has. the food sounds terrific at both places.

so, anyone out there been to both and have a strong opinion one way or the other? if i'm equally impressed by good food and good atmostphere(service doesn't really matter when it comes to buffets, right?), which is the right choice?

thanks, guys!


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  1. So where did you go and what did you think of it? I have never been to brunch at either place, and haven't been to green Pastures in many years. My wife and I did go to Lambert's a while back for dinner but we were not at all impressed.

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      i went to green pastures. here's what i thought:

      -i found that the ambience was nice, but as i had predicted, perhaps a bit too 'southern old-school' for my taste.
      -i thought the food was good, but nothing blew me away.
      -i LOVED the milk punch.
      -the piano player was an absolute nutcase and became my birthday stalker. she insisted on me going up to the piano so she could sing to me. (yes, it's the fault of my friend who told her it was my bday, but still.)
      -the dessert bar was nice, but again, didn't blow me away.
      -i LOVED the milk punch.
      -the service was excellent.
      -i was excited to see all-white peacocks strutting around. i'd only seen colorful ones before.
      -i LOVED the milk punch.
      -overall, it was a memorable birthday experience. but food-wise, it left something to be desired. they should offer a milk punch happy hour with some snacks or something. i'd show up once in awhile for that.

    2. Rachel,

      Green Pastures blows away Lambert's. However, the best you can do is the Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons.

      1. The southern milk punch alone is a good reason to go to Green Pastures!

        1. Can't beat Green Pastures' Sunday buffet! It's more "Sunday dinner" than breakfasty, but they've had tasty eggs benedict whenever I've been.

          Lambert's is more comfortable if you're flip-flopping, and I love their smoky, tasty meat... But for your birthday Sunday, you'll find great backdrops for pictures, "usual" and unusual buffet options, sometimes including game, frog's legs, and--to repeat other people's comment--MILK PUNCH!