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Jan 24, 2009 07:58 PM

Food in a tortilla is just better

I may be alone in this (though I suspect I'm not, since I've read some pretty crazy eating habits from many of you chowhounds!), but, if there are tortillas in the house, I find that they make an excellent beginning to a snack.

I'm not talking about throwing some cheese between a couple of 'em and frying them up. No. I'm talking about throwing anything you find in your fridge/freezer into a tortilla. Miraculously, the end result is always better than the sum of its parts.

Maybe the appeal is that it can be messy. Maybe the appeal is in that you are able to eat the mode of transportation of your food in its entirety (much like sandwiches and pitas) with no need for that pesky fork and knife.

For example, I was lying in bed and decided I needed a snack. There was NOTHING interesting in the fridge, So, I made something interesting...I grabbed a flour tortilla and threw in some chopped onion, tomato, tofu, dijon mustard and a couple of spoon fulls of leftover tortilla soup. It was actually fairly tasty (and randomly healthy, which isn't always the outcome of my midnight snacks), but I think what I liked most about it was the challenge of devouring it , while finding the most tactful way to keep all of the contents from falling out of the other end. It just made it more satisfying somehow!

Another example: My fiance recently bought a container of Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream. That stuff on its own is just too sweet and intense for me (but oh so good). So, I tried slapping a couple of scoops into the infamous tortilla and it was delicious! It made the ice cream more of a sold dessert (which I like) without being too overpowering, as it was buffered by doughy goodness.

Does anyone else do this, or am I alone in my strange tortilla relationship?

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  1. I have to admit I'm having a hard time imagining how your onion, tomato, tofu, mustard, and soup (!!) combination could have been edible, but you did the tasting so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I do see how the ice cream and tortilla combination could be nice.

    This is quite a bit less adventurous than your midnight snack, but my wife makes a middle eastern style dish with grilled meat and vegetables (usually red bell peppers and green onions), tahini sauce, and warm flour tortillas. It seems to me that the tortillas are superior to pita bread in every conceivable way (except authenticity).

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    1. re: slave_to_the_passions

      Part of the appeal of my tortilla concoction MAY have been that I was slightly inebriated, I'll admit that :)

      Your wife's snack sounds MUCH better, FWIW!

      1. re: slave_to_the_passions

        Avoiding the pita/tortilla debate (which I believe is highly subjective to freshness. Fresh pita straight from the oven is amazing) - the laffa is far superior (and culturally authentic to both).

      2. I agree, EVERYTHING is better in a tortilla! The other day I was eating some peas, when I decided to mix them with some terriyaki sauce and smart balance organic and wrap them in a flour tortilla. Yum!

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        1. re: marietinn

          You certainly are an adventurous eater.
          You may just be correct. Certainly, anything fits in a tortilla and considering the sizes and types of tortillas available today, the possibilities must be infinite. I love tacos and tortilla wraps and they're lighter than sandwiches made with bread. I did mention to the proprietor of a favorite Mexican restaurant that when I discovered a graceful way to eat a taco, I would patent it. He told me it would never fly. I used to make my own tortillas but that was too many years ago to count. Still, when I find handmade ones, I can't get enough. Come tortillas por la vida!

        2. Tortilla peanut butter sandwich
          Tortilla hot dog & sauerkraut
          Tortilla makizushi
          Tortilla cheeseburger

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          1. re: Sam Fujisaka

            Sam: I was curious about what you'd come up with for this post!

            I've done sweet and savoury, but fairly standard non-taco/quesadilla concoctions:
            Toasted on the stove with cinnamon and sugar caramelized on top
            Warmed and dipped into honey, possibly filled with yogurt cream or mushed bananas first

            Basically, anything I'd fill a crepe with or make into an omelette (sweet or savoury)

            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              Just back from DC where I made:

              Tortilla tuna fish sandwiches
              Tortilla fresh lumpia
              Tortilla sauerkraut quesadillas

            2. you might enjoy this bit:

              grocery store tortillas more often than not make my stomach turn for reasons i can't understand quite yet so i don't use them for anything but homestyle chipotle-esque burritos.

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              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                In Houston, Kroger and HEB make fresh flour tortillas in store. I not only use them for fajitas and grilled chicken, but also for lobster and boiled crawfish. I dip the lobster in butter, the crawfish a little butter plus dipped in the spicy boil. I don't eat the whole lobster or all the crawfish like this, but a couple of tortillas hits the spot.

              2. I couldn't agree more; everything tastes better. I enjoy them so much, I'll just whip some up to enjoy a PB tortilla, or egg salad in tortilla etc..