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Jan 24, 2009 06:49 PM

Tucson short report

On this quarterly trip to Tucson I tried something new, something old:

1. Delicious fish tacos at B-Line: small pieces of fish, but very fresh ingredients and quality Mexican rice and beans. ~$10
2. Charred octopus salad at Primo was actually blackened, but very tender; crab cake was huge and delicious. ~$15 each
3. Sunflower Farmer's Market at 1st and Limberlost is finally open and has fabulous selection of yogurts and fruits. I forgot the name of the frozen yogurt store at the corner, but their tart yogurt is perfect - not too creamy nor too icy, and the mochi is slightly sweeter (and therefore more flavorful) than the versions in the SF Bay Area. $3.40 for the small cup
4. Jax Kitchen is very stylish, and although the tuna nicoise salad was overdressed, the shallot dressing was terrific. While I loved the Spanish anchovies in it, the rock-hard pink tomatoes should have been omitted. Overall, it's more interesting than the ahi salads at Pastiche and ZinBurger. ~$15
5. The Jax Kitchen cheese plate was okay: Port Salut (yawn), Parm Reggiano (too grainy for a cheese plate, IMHO), a French Blue (great with the grapes), and Irish Porter (cheddar and Guiness - tasty but milder than it sounds).

Heard rumor that Terra Cotta, Red Sky, and Cuvee are out of business - can anyone confirm?

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  1. I believe Terra Cotta closes on 1/31. Red Sky is open and in Chapter 11. Cuvee announced it was closing or closed a few weeks ago and I think it has closed by now.

    1. Three places move out, three LosBetos move in.

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        1. re: Claudette

          Los Betos are dirt cheap taco shops. I can't comment on them as I've never entered one and don't plan on changing that practice anytime soon.

          P.S. They're not actually moving into the Terra Cotta or Cuvee locations!

          1. re: lawyerbriefs

            Thanks, lawyerbriefs. BTW: don't you frequent the Ventana Room? Have you tried their Native American foods menu?