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Jan 24, 2009 06:45 PM

Favorite 'Travel' Cooking Gadget

Do you have a favorite gadget, cooking utensil you love to take when you travel? I guess I am old school- I love to have my swiss army knife and a wine opener. But, I am curious to know what other great ideas chowhounders have.

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  1. I like your choices. My mum always had the canvas cooking bag set up with sheathed knife, cups, eating utensils, plates, napkins, corkscrew and a cutting board. And a thermos depending on what was going on.

    Could that whole bag count as "A Utensil?" Please?

    But seriously, the proper version of a Swiss Army Knife will get you through any meal. I would carry one that already has the wine opener on it. They have so many different combinations of stuff on those knives -- buy carefully.

    1. There is a drawer under the front passenger seat in my car, an Odyssey. In thast drawer I keep a small sheathed parting knife from Kuhn Rikon, a small Epicurean cutting board, and a collapsable Screwpull wine opener. We are set for about anything.

      1. Grinders filled with sea salt and tellichery peppercorns.

        1. My Swedish Trangia alcohol stove set. That includes burner, stand, windscreen and pots. Simple, easy to use, and reliable. With a full coverage windscreen I can't use just any pot. Besides the ones that came with it, I use a small nonstick wok by GSI, and a small 1.5L pressure cooker from India. That's more than one gadget, but it is the core of my travel/camp kitchen.

          1. AeroPress coffee maker. Use the hot water/coffee maker in the hotel room to brew my own coffee beans.