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Jan 24, 2009 06:41 PM

Crossroads World Market, Hayward report (PG Tips, Lindt Excellence bars $1.99, etc)

WOW! Crossroads World Market is Awesome! My first time was Sat 1/25/09 and can't believe it took me this long to visit the store.

Lots of European goodies here, but not from places you'd really expect. Many of the items are new to me, I only made a small dent from this trip but I hope to be back for many more.

These are the items I got:

Blue Danube Riesling Italico 2004 on sale for $5.99 (reg. 10.99) from Romania

Murfatlar Pinot Noir 2006 - from Romania $7.99
PG Tips 160 tea bags $9.99, the 80 tea bag is $6.49 - is this a good price, not sure.
Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate Hazelnut $1.99
Milka Limited Edition chocolate cream & chili "Fire" $1.99
Lindt Excellence toffee crunch milk chocolate 3.5 oz $1.99 - Many of the Lindt Excellence for $1.99!
Lindt Excellence Intense Pear Dark $1.99
Kruegermann Kraut-Salad 22 oz $3.29 glass jar
Sultan Moroccan sardines in oil w/ chili peppers 4 3/8 oz $1.29 ea
Cracovia red beet soup Red Borsch 24 oz $3.49
Zergut grape leaves stuffed w/ rice 10.6 oz - $2.49 - recommended by clerk
Zergut Hot Ajvar (eggplant dip) 24 oz $3.59
Hengstenberg milk German wine sauerkraut in a can $1.99 - recommended by clerk
Frida couscous 1 Kg $4.99
Cucina & Amore Bruschetta 7.5 oz $2.49 (clerk said if I bought 5 he'd sell them to me for $2 ea - so I did) - got: Piquillo pepper; Mexican; Green Asparagus; & 2 Artichokes (enjoyed the artichokes already)
Passport specialties everything flatbread seasoned cracker $3.99 for 13.3 oz
Dark Rye Russian Bread from Cinderella Russian Bakery in SF 1 lb 14 oz $3.49
Smoked sausage - got 2 for $2
Feta w/ peppers - ask and the clerk gave me samples of 4 types. All very tasty. One was 1/2 sheep & 1/2 goat.

A customer recommended to me a German thin sliced bread

I want to get the Greek honey next time. It was expensive & in a plastic bag on top shelf of the honeys. Many honeys from India clerk said was Organic.

Olive bar is at the store too.

Crossroads supplies the Castro Valley Greek Festival with their foods.

I spent $80.21, Yikes. Credit cards taken.

Small parking lot - maybe 10 cars.

Hrs: M-Sat 9-7:30pm; Sun 10-5

Hayward store: 230 Jackson St (near Soto), Hayward 510-582-2231
There's a Palo Alto Store: 720 San Antonio Rd (Near Middlefield). 650-858-6910

What are other hounds favorites?

Crossroads World Market
230 Jackson St, Hayward, CA

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  1. Yep, finally got here in my backreading ... damn, frozen, slow Chowhound software.

    ANYWAY, if you like the Hayward store you will LOVE the Mountain View store which has the advantage of being larger, new and near great places like Milk Pail and Ester's.

    The have great dried fruit. Another thing they have is excellent yogurt ... they best yogurt, imo, in the Bay Area. They have a good selection of frozen pierogi and they also have a good selection of Bobac's sausages.

    Just FYI, currently as of this post, Grocery Outlet has tons of LIndt Excellence bars at 99 cent

    1. Try some of the turkish delight that's sold at the front counter. They have walnut and pistachio. It's in a glass case by the front register. Homemade and fantastic.

      1. Went to Coconut Hill Indian Grocery store in Newark. Saw PG Tips cheaper:

        40 ct $3.49
        80 ct $5.49
        160 ct $8.99
        240 ct $14.99

        1. I'm glad you made it in, this place deserves more traffic. I've been shopping there for about 10 years and it is a favorite.

          The olive bar is a bargain, especially if you factor in the samples.

          Real Chicago style giardiniere in quart jars at the Hayward store.

          Great feta selection.

          Their stock isn't what it used to be, the dollars decline has made it tougher on them to bring in the odd random items they used to have. Believe it or not, this is what Trader Joe's was like when it first started.