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Jan 24, 2009 05:44 PM

A "CHEESY" recommendation

I love having a good cheese course and am going to be buying cheese tomorrow morning for a brunch. I am looking for something new and interesting to try. So far, my two favorites are Beamster and Riopelle. I usually go to Just Cheese and Yonge and York Mills. Great little shop. They know their stuff much more than the Cheese Emporium on Ave. Rd. where the kid working there actually had to call the owner when I asked for a recommendation.

Any recommendations for a must try from Just Cheese or anywhere else not too far away?

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  1. What type are you looking for? Firm/soft... or weird? for weird try Stinking Bishop :)

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      I'm looking for cheeses that are comparable to Beamster & Riopelle. Basically, hard cheeses and soft cheeses that are very flavourful without being too "strong". I do like blue cheese, but not when it is too pungent. I don't like mild cheeses that have no flavour, like some of the semi hard cheeses.

    2. I like Riopelle too. If you're sticking to a Canadian theme, try the Tiger Blue from Okanagan. It's pretty strong though. For a milder blue, there's Blue Juliette from Saltspring Island.
      The people who make Riopelle also make a really nice cheddar made from cow's milk called L'Île-aux-Grues Cheddar.

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        A bit of a jaunt downtown but if you're near Church and Wellesley a new cheese shop (about cheese) has just opened next to cumbrae's. They have some great cheese related products and met my "I need something kind of melty for sandwhiches" with a variety of options and tasting slices.

      2. My fav blue these days is Roaring Forties. I believe it is ages in a cave by the sea and as a result it had little crunchy salt crystals. It is a very yummy blue that has lots of flavour and scent but is not at all overwhelming.

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          Yumm... sounds good. Can you get it in most cheese stores?

        2. Hey fastfoodie, what kind of cheeses did you get? And how did it go?