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Ideas for Valentine's Day seafood menu?

We have a vertical of Tablas Creek Espirit de Beaucastel Blanc (fabulous rhone varietal blend) that is begging to be drunk with 2 other couples for VDay. I want to do an all seafood-shellfish dinner (guest will bring apps). Any ideas welcome (however, one person is nut-allergic). Thanks in advance!

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  1. One of my staples for Valentine's Day menus is an easy shrimp soup--it's both shellfish for your needs and delightfully pink for the holiday! I've served it as a starter on more than one Feb. 14.

    Many specialty stores sell cream of shrimp soup, but I've subbed lobster or lobster bisque or even crab with no complaints: Saute some red pepper and some fresh shrimp in butter. In a pot, combine the cream of shrimp soup, 1/2 can milk, 1/2 can cream. Add the cooked shrimp and red pepper. Just before serving, add 1/3 c sherry. Rich and delicious without a lot of effort! (Of course, you could make a cream of shrimp soup from scratch, reserving some shrimp for sauteing at the last minute as well...)

    1. Thursday's soup sounds divine and I may just have to make that before V day even gets here!

      I was thinking a salmon roulade would be pretty, tasty, and not too time intensive for you. Found one recipe but it uses sesame seeds, which might inflame your nut-allergic guest. But maybe they can eat it without the seeds (maybe with a drizzle of sesame oil, you'd have to ask them about that...). In any case here is a recipe link: http://www.recipezaar.com/Sesame-Salm... . Here is another salmon roulade recipe with a potato galette that sounds divine and doesn't have the nut factor http://www.finedinings.com/baked_salm... . Though it recommends a Pinot Noir, I think your white Rhone would stand up to this dish.

      If you want a more unusual recipe, Lobster Newburg is very nice, particularly if you do it up in crepes... http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo... .

      Fondue is always fun for V day, I was thinking some kind of creamy cheesy shrimp fondue that you and your guests could dip bread into.

      For dessert, a chocolate fondue with long stemmed strawberries, or those dark chocolate dessert shells (available on Amazon.com) filled with a mousse, or even a vanilla bean infused whipped cream or ice cream, topped with a fanned out strawberry. I've been seeing a lot of chafing dishes and fondue sets for ridiculously cheap at T.J. Maxx and Marshall's lately...

      1. Shrimp Fra Diavolo - simple, and fantastic.
        I let the olive oil gently heat up with a heavy handed heap of crushed red pepper flakes, until the oil turns red and you can really smell it.
        Serve over angel hair pasta (I think it's funny)

        1. I've made a pretty easy and elegant recipe several times now, and you can put it together ahead of time - salmon filets topped with butter, currants and preserved ginger, wrapped in puff pastry dough.


          Here's another lovely recipe that was from the same book:

          Scallops Bercy - http://www.chow.com/photos/183778

          1. And if you really want to impress, the French Laundry Lobster Crepes must be mentioned... http://carolcookskeller.blogspot.com/... .

            1. Valentines Day begs for Scallops. Wrap scallops in prosciutto strip, saute in butter and top with crushed macadamia nuts (your nut allergy friend can have one topped with Panko)

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                Oh, and so beautiful served atop the scallop shell, available for serving purposes online or at your local fish store.

              2. Mussels and littleneck clams in garlic and wine broth
                Oysters rockefeller
                Stuffed clams
                Boiled/steamed lobsters with melted butter
                Oysters on the half shell


                1. I have a to die for recipe which is a light cream sauce with sherry angle hair pasta, mussels, shrimp, clams, fish and any other seafood, lobster or clams you like, it is amazing with fennel, onions and a light sauce. The best I make it all the time. Takes 15 minutes, 15 to cook and done, Serve with a nice salad and some crunchy bread and it is amazing and elegant. And serves 8. You can serve in half if need be. Email me if you would like the recipe. www.kchurchill5@comcast.net. If not I can report here. I just hate posting a long recipe and taking up room. I have served it 10-12 times and since then I get request every valentines for the recipe. It really is that good..

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                    Hi - Actually, we ask that you post the recipe here, so that all hounds can benefit from it, not just one. Take up all the room you like with recipes!


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                      no worries, was just trying to be thoughtful

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                        Sorry, just didn't know if it was ok to post a long recipe. My apologies.

                        Here is my recipe. I'm sure somewhat copy cat as most are very similar but I've made it for years this way and continue to. I like a few of my touches and to be honest I'm not sure where I got my first recipe ... Not from the internet I can tell you that. That is how long I have made this. Changes have been made over the years but pretty much the same. Make an awesome dinner. Especially for "V" Day

                        SEAFOOD PASTA

                        1 lb mussels cleaned and rinsed
                        1/2 lb shrimp
                        1/2 lb clams or a couple of chopped lobster tails
                        1 fennel bulb thin sliced
                        2 cloves minced garlic
                        Salt and pepper to taste
                        2 tablespoons olive oil to saute the shallots
                        2 tablespoons butter
                        3 large shallots thin sliced
                        1 red pepper thin slicede
                        1 lemon cut in slices
                        1 stalk of celery diced fine
                        3 cups chicken or vegetable broth (Swansons works fine) or mix the two
                        2 cups white wine
                        2 tablespoons tarragon chopped
                        2 tablespoons parsley chopped
                        1 1/2 cups heavy cream
                        1 lb vermicelli pasta
                        Fresh grated parmesan to garnish
                        4 scallions diced as a garnish

                        1 baguette sliced
                        4 tablespoons olive oil
                        1 tablespoon garlic
                        1/2 cup sherry
                        Salt and pepper
                        1 tomato cut in half to rub on the bread

                        For the bread mix the garlic and olive together and then brush on the bread. Bake until golden brown and then rub the tomato half on the bread. Great flavor.

                        Saute onion, fennel, celery, and garlic in the olive oil and butter. Add the wine to deglaze. Then add the broth, seasoning and bring to a semi boil. While that comes to a boil make your pasta and toast your baguette. Once the water boils add the seafood and lemon wedges. Remember anything goes. I like mussels, clams, and shrimp but lobster, cod, and clams are fine. Use your imagination., cover and cook 5-10 minutes depending on what you have to good until they begin to open and are done. Remove from the heat and add sherry and cream. Drain the pasta and add to the seafood. Let set a few minutes for the pasta to drink up some of the sauce. It will still be very runny but that is ok. I add a little to each dish and serve it in a large bowl. That is how it should be. Not like soup - but a bit saucy. The bread is great to soak up the sauce which is amazing. I like to serve a lemon wedge on the side. it is so good!

                    2. I recommend one of the following lobster recipes:

                      1. Lobster Newburg (my favorite and the easiest) http://tinyurl.com/ae82tl
                      2. Lobster macaroni and cheese (good, old comfort food) http://tinyurl.com/cvwqlq
                      2. The seafood stew that was served at Obama's inagural lunch (a piece of history) http://tinyurl.com/b79up2