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Jan 24, 2009 05:08 PM

Brussels Restaurants

We have plans to be in Brussels in April and we will be staying at the Marriott. We would love to find some non-tourist restaurants to try when we are there. We like to try everything from upscale (like Arzak in Spain) to local small neighborhood Bistros. I know that there have been some threads on Brussels, but if it is anything like Dallas, TX, restaurants come and go so unless the reviews are current the restaurant might not be there or the food has drastically changed..

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  1. Near your hotel, there's plenty of fantastic int'l cuisine. I love Kokob (Ethiopian) and La Cantina Cubana, both are located on Rue des Grands Carmes. On the same street of the Marriot is Kasbah (moroccan) but it's pretty well known and def requires a reservation on weekends. Just next door to Kasbah is Bonsoir Clara (mediterranean). The food is good but the decor is better. L'idiot du Village in the Marolles neighborhood serves wonderful Franco-Belge cuisine, in an adorable setting. It's super tiny and popular, so again reservations are always required. Arcadi Cafe (Galerie de la Reine) has amazing sweet and savory tartes. If you must eat on the Grand Place, I recommend 't Kelderke.

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      Ditto on Kokob, one my my favourites!

      I also think that the restaurant in the Musée des Beaux Arts is quite nice and a good place to go for Belgian food. The food is good (with modern touches) and the space is lovely.

      1. re: Lizard

        Thank you for the suggestions. They all sound really good.

        L'idiot du Village sounds interesting. How far in advance do you have to make a reservation? We looked for a website for them but couldn't find one.

        We are going to Brussels for 5 days and then Amsterdam for 5 days. We figured that the better food would be in Brussels.

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          It depends on what day of the week you're going and whether it's lunch or dinner you're interested in at L'idiot. For Fri or Sat dinner, I would book a week or two in advance. For a Thursday lunch, I reserved a few days ahead easily, and when I arrived at the restaurant I found there were plenty of tables available. I have yet to dine at the Musee des Beaux Arts (it's on my list) but I've heard great things about it.

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            If we go we'd like to probably have dinner there. We won't be there on a Friday and since we arrive in Brussels on Sat we will prrobably be too exhausted to enjoy a special meal that night. Therefore, we only have Mon, Tues, or Weds. Would we need to book 2 weeks in advance for one of those nights? I've searched the web for a website for L'idiot but havent found either a website or an email address.

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              One week in advance for a dinner early in the week should be more than enough. Silly me I completely forgot that L'idiot is closed on weekends, so Thurs and Fri would prob be much tougher to reserve last minute. You are right, there isn't a website.