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Jan 24, 2009 05:06 PM

What city should I go to for a culinary vacation?

Hi everyone! I'm planning a bit of a culinary vacation, and I'm wondering exactly what city I should go to. Right now I'm thinking New York. This isn't something I'm doing immediately, but I thought I would get your input. :) Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go? Although, I only want to go somewhere I can speak English, so Paris is out. Thanks!

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  1. I've had two trips which were focus on food and resturants. Most recently New York, which was FANTASTIC, and the other is Las Vegas which was awsome as well. Next on my list is Napa Valley or Chicago but I haven't decided yet. Culinary trips are fun just pace yourself.

    1. Singapore or Hong Kong. English spoken both places.

      If you go to Singapore make sure to get a copy of the Makansutra Guide. I really liked Singapore. Did I mention they have great food all over the place and cheap? And it's on the equator, so it's always warm.

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        Singapore is definitely food heaven. You can go to the outdoor food courts and order heavenly food--Singaporean, Chinese, Indian, Malayasian-- very inexpensively, including very fresh seafood and tropical fruits that are typically much better than you can get in the States. Try an oyster omelet, which cannot be duplicated in the States because the oysters here are much larger and more strongly flavored. Or have them grill you a fresh fish, get a bowl of rice and gai lan stir fried to order. Follow up with a tropical fruit plate. Try a murtabak--sort of the SE Asian version of pizza, piping hot from the griddle. I could have chicken rice every day--perfectly poached and flavorful chicken served with the broth and rice cooked in the broth, with a chile sauce and ginger sauce on the side. Makes me want to catch a flight out of here over the Pacific.

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          Thank you very much! I tried searching but I got all kinds of stuff that wasn't relevant. :) This is a big help.

        2. A bit depends on how long you are likely to be in just one city. Some of these could take a lifetime to dine around, but some can be worn out in a full week. Now, what you get, while there can be fabulous, but they are just smaller, so the total number of outstanding restaurants is also smaller.

          These are cities (and their environs) that I have had wonderful culinary vacations. They are listed in no particular order, but just as I recall them:

          New Orleans
          San Francisco (and up to Napa)
          Las Vegas (the food is the only thing that will get me there, but it is worth the trip - to me)
          Charleston, SC (small, but with several genres of Deep South food available)

          Though we travel to many more places, these were ones that we headed to, just for the food and no business involved (except for LV, because wife has meetings there - I only went for the food).

          Other cities where we found plenty of good dining, but were really there for other reasons:

          New York

          Good luck, and travel safely,


          1. Be original! How about Helsinki in the summertime? Nearly 24 hrs of sunlight, excellent English spoken and wonderful people. a very unique city. Seriously, think about it.


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              That sounds really interesting, I'll have to look into that!

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                Great Opera Festival in the lake area, in an old castle. Jazz festival in another castle town of Turku. Unique country; give 'em all something to talk about.

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                Thanks for your post - and for making reference to the old link. Don't know how I missed the nyt article... Helsinki would make the top two or three on my list.