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Jan 24, 2009 04:51 PM

Anywhere good in Westminster/Thornton area?

I hope to have great Mexican while I am in Denver proper - so anything besides Mexican to recommend in this area?

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  1. If you like dim sum, I'd definitely go to Heaven Star, which is Broomfield, just west of Westminster. Zen Asian Bistro, in Westminster, is another good bet, as is Sushi Tokoro in Thornton. Bella Bistro, an Italian restaurant in Arvada (close to Westminster) is also quite good, and I love the pho at Pho Duy, which is right by Heaven Star. If you happen to be around on a Saturday, go to Emporio do Brasil for their feijoada mineira completa. Tucked into a strip mall in Westminster, It's a Brazilian grocer/cafe that only serves lunch on Saturday.
    Heaven Star: 6700 W 120th Ave.
    Pho Duy: 6600 W. 120th Ave.
    Sushi Tokoro:

    1. On the pho front, Pho 88 in Westminster at 104th and Federal is also quite good.

      1. If you are in Westminster, you aren't far from Boulder which has several DOZEN really good restaurants...