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Jan 24, 2009 04:34 PM

dinner in West Des Moines?

I will be there on business on Thursday? Any laid-back good food suggestions? I eat almost anything!!!

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  1. Vern's doesn't look like much from the outside -- it is located next door to a muffler shop in a strip mall -- but I have had a number of wonderful meals here. It is definitely one of the best restaurants in the Waukee-Clive-West Des Moines area. The waitstaff is attentive, the food plentiful, and the atmosphere pleasant. Highly recommended.

    Vern's Restaurant & Lounge
    15970 Hickman Rd, Clive, IA

    1. When I was in town last year for business, I ate at a place called Trostel's Dish. An interesting small plate place in Clive - maybe the locals can tell you what they've been up to lately, but I really liked it when I was there.

      1. Biaggi's is good American Italian food. I do a lot of corporate events in Eden Prairie and people like it and I am doing an event in Des Moines really soon.

        It is always reliable.

        1. Lisa: If you stick to West Des Moines, you may miss some of Des Moines best. Take a look at these post from the past two years.

          Depending where you are to the west, I would have at least three suggestions, all of them local. First, Sage in Windsor Heights makes everyone's top ten list.

          Second, in Clive is Cosi Cucina, which clearly bests the Biaggi chain.

          Finally, You might try Sam and Gabe's.

          Hope your trip is a good one and report back on your experience. PS, bring a warm coat!

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          1. re: DrWine

            I would second Sam and Gabes, and encourage you to avoid the chains.
            Phat Chefs, even The Tavern would be my choice over Biaggi's.
            Trostels Dish is a favorite of my daughter.

            1. re: DrWine

              Sam & Gabe's is excellent. Cosi is good and laid back also.

              You would call Sage "laid back"? I'd call it fine dining.