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Jan 24, 2009 03:09 PM

Green coffee beans in SEA?

I have a friend who roasts at home, and he's looking for green coffee beans, specifically Ethiopian, that he can pick up in the greater Seattle area. Anyone know where said bean could be had?

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  1. Vivace (sp) sold green beans n their old location, although I am not sure from where. They are a starting point if nothing else.

    1. i see them once in awhile at Madison Mkt but have no idea if they stock Ethiopian beans

      1. Seattle Coffee Works has a great selection of green coffee beans (two different types of Ethiopian beans last I checked).

        1. There are a good handful of Ethiopian groceries around town, and several of these carry green coffee beans. I have bought them in a little grocery up by Northgate, at about 115th & 15th NW, I think...
          I eventually started getting beans through the mail from the Green Coffee Buying Club and roasting in a popper. Fun.

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            Here's a link to Jabena Cafe, which is the place you're referring to: