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Jan 24, 2009 02:52 PM

Chocolate Brownie Muffin @ Green Grocer, Windsor

Stopped in again this afternoon to check on how things have progressed. The butcher case looks fuller and several customers were picking up meat purchases. "French Laundry" demi-grace in the case too. Tables and chairs were set up for eating in, and the wine racks are in business now. I picked a chocolate brownie muffin, $1.99, for my afternoon snack. A little dryish on the first bite, but softer and fudgier toward the center with lots of chocolate chips. Nice.

More info by clicking on the Places link.

Green Grocer
Windsor, CA, Windsor, CA

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  1. Tacking on a few notes from a visit a month later . . . back again for a late lunch with a friend. We had just picked about 20 lbs of Meyer lemons in Santa Rosa in a friend's back yard. While we were waiting for lunch here, I went out to the car and brought a half-dozen or so as a gift for the chef/owner here and explained that they were local, sustainably grown and never sprayed. Soon our food was ready, and we appreciated that he'd split our order of a hot pastrami sandwich onto two plates.
    The pastrami is from Zoe's Meats in Petaluma and pressed with Swiss cheese and housemade sauerkraut. The cured meat isn't remarkable on its own, but the whole of this sandwich's sum is greater than the parts. I picked dark rye for the bread, which turned out to be Bennett Valley's. The bread was a whole nuther creature when pressed, staying relatively light and airy but with a deep crackle. Kind of amazing considering that it wasn't buttered or oiled on the surface. I liked it much more than my earlier try, when i felt it was too hard and dry. Nice to have arugula as a side salad included with the order, and even better when the chef walked over to our table and added a squeeze of juice from our Meyer lemons.

    1. I never gave up hope that after closing two years ago, Green Grocer would come back to us in some form. Website was bookmarked, kept him in my twitter feed. Today, this tweet came through, "Local, Sustainable, Delicious Breakfast @ Windsor Farmers Market, Every Sunday / 9am-1pm "!/The_Greengroce...

      Apparently I missed yesterday's opening day at the Sunday morning Windsor farmers market. The market's blog says, "For those of you who came today – you know how wonderful today’s Farmers Market was. Where in the world coud you get a fresh egg, local bacon, local bread sandwich for $4? Non other than the “Green Grocer Catering” If you missed it-Shame on you!"

      Hope other 'hounds will check it out and report back.