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Jan 24, 2009 02:33 PM

Blue Plate--a few times

Have had some fantastic meals at Blue Plate in the past, and a few more mixed ones recently. Basically, I wish they would calm down with the salt cellar!

A beet and arugula salad, with delicate slivers of citrus, salty cubes of char-grilled ricotta (actually it tasted like halloumi to me) and crunchy marcona almonds was a perfect start. The parsnip soup sounded a bit strange--topped with smoked arctic char--but it was actually a very good blend of flavours, thick but not spoon-standing, with the buttery sweetness of the root vegetable cut by tangy crumbles of fish. The chicken livers were also excellent, served with a great spicy, heady sauce of plump sultanas. They were a little bit too heavily breaded for my taste, but that's a small quibble. I tried someone else's beef carpaccio with a fried egg and crispy potato strips, which was also pretty good, but very rich and a slightly weird mixture of temperatures. The squid appetizer has grown on me. It's a little bit chewy, but the lemon and herb flavors are great--and it's refreshingly light.

I'm not sure that the entrees are so successful. The steak comes dripping with butter--unnecessarily rich for my taste, although I loved the potato and celery root gratin. The chicken thigh dish that was on the menu was solid comfort food (with brussel sprouts and wet polenta), but pretty expensive (think it was about $22) for a cheap cut of meat. I used to like the fish entrees, but have recently found them far too salty. A side of brussel sprouts was great for the first couple of mouthfuls, but also extremely salty!

The chocolate baby cake, though, is a brilliant end. This might be my favorite all-time molten chocolate cake, served with gorgeous sweet, light, white foam.

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  1. We too just dined here again after a long while -- and had a great meal.

    My squid appetizer was way too lemony, and there was a bit of an uncooked wine taste to the sauce, but everything else was wonderful. The chicken livers may have been a bit too breaded, I'll give you that - but the added chew worked well with the bitter greens and that delicious agro dolce!

    We had two pastas for entrees - mushroom ravioli and the cavatell with lamb sugo. Both were wonderful, but the chewy cavtelli was deemed dish of the night. It was nice to be back to such a solid place!

    1. After hearing some great words about Blue Plate, I finally tried it for myself. I found myself thoroughly disappointed - with some lackluster highlights - cheese plate and the desserts. We ordered the steak, mushrool ravioli, true cod, and meatloaf - and found that the balance of flavors / salt usage etc. was just not to the standard of other SF restaurants. I'd rather hop over to Nopa (albeit a bit more crowded & louder) to grab some yummy comfort food.

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        Ditto. I did like the drunken goat cheese mac though.

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        Blue Plate
        3218 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110