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Jan 24, 2009 02:27 PM

Mariscos chente, just tried

it was good though not amazing am I missing something.????

i tried the shrimp a la diabla. nice sauce and lots of shrimp, but the sauce didn't seem to be that complex. maybe i'll try the shrimp cocktail, or fish chicharon, or shrimp ceviche next time.

what do you think?

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  1. I still need to try the diabla, so I can't comment on that specifically. What I would tell you is, try a few more items and then think about where else you can find anything similar in terms of taste or value and see what you think at that point.

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    1. re: Servorg

      Brilliant.As Sevorg is suggesting, get a little perspective on this cuisine.

      A couple of things to consider because not any Mexican seafood place will do:

      Do you know a Sinaloan menu if you see it?Have you ever been to Sinaloa?Mazatlan, Los Mochis, Topolobampo,Culiacan, etc.?What is the best Sinaloan place you've been to in LA?

      I've hit it hard all over these places:Los Mochis, Topolobampo, Culiacan, Mazatlan, Navolato, especially Culiacan where I go several times each year.Because of these trips I went obsessively all over LA looking for this food of similar quality, menu,taste, and presentation.I've gone to just about every place in town, to the best of my knowledge,pestering every alleged Sinaloan establishment.Looking at menus, quizing the owners and chefs,"where are you from"?Ordering their signature aguachiles, and so on to see if it was worth pursuing.

      I had believed that my only option was to wait for the trips to Sinaloa and be happy with that, or Tijuana which has a huge Sinaloan population and some amazing stands and restaurants featuring seafood and other regional Sinaloan cooking.We also happen to have quite a few Sinaloan restaurants here in LA, especially in the Southgate, Huntington Park area.But for mariscos, Mariscos Chente rises above all for many reasons and can hold its own with the best in Sinaloa.I've been to those restaurants.This is as good as it gets in Mexico or LA.What's missing is the variety of all those restaurants the lucky Sinaloans have in their state, and access to affordable Sea of Cortez scallops, abalone, and other luxuries.

      But yes, take up Sevorg on his advice.Try a la diabla around town, you'll find it at most Mexican restaurants that have seafood, SInaloan or not.Even at places that aren't seafood joints.When I look at my picture of the a la diabla in my post, I can see a dish unlike any in town,dense, dark, smoky,with several flavor notes.Take two items, the aguachile and the a la diabla and order it at several places, then go back to Mariscos Chente.Other places that are Sinaloan or Kora(Nayarit):Mariscos Los Koritas in Watts, Badiraguato(J.Gold find) in Southgate , El Paisa in Lynwood, the chain Mi Lindo Sinaloa.They are the other places of note, but not on MC's level.Look for places that have Sinaloa in the name, Koras, Koritas, Paisa,Mazatlan,estilo Nayarit, estilo SInaloense,Culiacan, or San Blas.There's a place in Van Nuys, Las Playitas"estilo Sinaloa", the chef is fom Chiapas, hardly an interesting menu item, and one of the worst aguchiles ever.The very pleasant and accomodating chef worked in tourist restaurants in Acapulco, Guerrero where he learned SInaloan recipes?Anyways, that will give you the opposite of the spectrum.Hope you find your Sinaloan moment, Kevin.Mucha suerte and keep trying for sure.

      1. re: streetgourmetla

        You all definitely have a point, I am no expert on Sinaloan cuisine.

        I guess this the kind of joint that chowhound get togehters are made for.

        do you happen to know how long the location on centinela in mar vista has been around for now? a month, longer???

        i will most likely try the ceviche de camaron, what else should i try.

        also, am i mistaken or not, but the shrimp a la diabla, i ate at a little before 1pm, and i was completely and utterly full until 10pm or so, which is saying something since i'm usually a big eater. is it supposed to be very heavy and oily?

        1. re: kevin

          Absolutely Kevin, that's what these are for.They've been around for about a month, but the restaurant has been around for a long time.The Mar Vista location burnt down some time ago, don't know exactly, when I found them they were in Inglewood.The owner has been in business for along time, since Mexico with her husband who started in the restaurant business.

          These are definitely not light preparations(diabla, culichi,etc.), but a hearty option for the comida fuerte(big meal). The ceviche, aguachile, oysters, and other raw seafood are the light options,for a seafood breakfast or brunch. Other diablas around town will be of the canned chile sauce variety, or other quick preparations.He's from Los Mochis and learned to cook there, the owner, Sergio's wife, and founding father all hail from Nayarit where they learned cooking.Sinaloa and Nayarit are the same in dishes and cooking in respect to seafood, give or a take a few things.

          Try the ceviche, the camaron culichi, borracho, and as of this week, go have the pescado zarandeado.Here's a menu for you, but you need a couple friends:tacos gobernador(shrimp), a ceviche de camaron, and a 2 kilo pescado zarandeado.Drink some Pacifico's.If you're a big eater, get another bruiser and the two of you will be happily stuffed, but you still might need a third person.Pictures of the fish are on my post.

          I already wrote about this on my thread today, but kevin, the mother in law takes the bus to Mazatlan 2x's a month to bring all the shrimp and now the whole fish for pescado zarandeado, the family is from Nayarit, the chef from Los Mochis,Sinaloa.It doesn't get more real.And, the truth is, they don't have to make the trip, they can get seafood here, but it doesn't have the freshness and flavor they like.

          1. re: streetgourmetla

            I guess when all this is taken into account the prices are relatively reasonable for fresh fresh. Does sound good.

            Yes, when I asked my waitress about mexican cokes in the bottle she said sometimes they get it when her mom got the chance too, also, when they get around to it, they might take credit cards, etc when her mom got around to it. does her mom run the inglewood location or what? but anyways, it almost feels like having lunch or dinner in someones's home rather than a full-fledged restaurant, which i mean as a compliment.

            there was a picture of a cristal beer which i had wanted to order and the waitress said that's just a picture/ad so i went with the corona. if going on my own, i'll stick to the raw fish/ceviches, etc. and if going with a group i;'ll order up all that and more. sounds good.

    2. who was cooking when you went there?
      if it was not sergio, it was not the real thing. . .

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      1. re: westsidegal

        there was a guy that walked out of the kitchen, maybe in his 40s (?) and made the rounds of the tables, don't quite know, and made the rounds to a couple of tables. looked a little, at least from far away, like esai morales from la bamba, didn't get a good look, anyhow does that sound like it's sergio"?

        but it truly does look like a family operation, and i think there were about a dozen shrimp in my dish for 11 bucks plus a 3 dollar corona with a half dozen lemon wedges.