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Worst place to live if lactose intolerant

I moved to Jerusalem this past summer, and as someone sensitive to dairy products - this country is killing me. The dairy products here are just too good. Cheeses (soft and hard), ice cream, milk, even the cottage cheese....its all plotting my intestinal demise. So while I'm ranking Israel as fantastically evil place on the dairy front - what other places rank as least hospitable to those who shouldn't indulge in (too much) dairy.

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    1. Devon, England (Devonshire cream?!?!?! - yum)

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          The US of A is the best place to live if you are intolerant to lactose or allergic to any food, what with the astounding abundance of foodstuffs in every variety imaginable, all laid out in convenient giant supermarkets, many open 24 hours a day . There's not a country on earth that comes close.

        2. Germany: There are at least 15 types of cream, for starters
          France: all of the 356+ cheeses

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              Vacaville, CA? Halo Micro Dairy Farm?

            2. The Dairy State=Wisconsin. Plus all the snow and cold.

              1. just an aside - the harder the cheese the less lactose is in it. hard cheeses are pretty edible for the lactose intolerant

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                  As are goat cheeses and most yogurt.

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                    Yes, and getting your hands on some lactase as a replacement enzyme helps too. :)

                    I'm so glad the only thing I have real issues with is real milk. But that's hard enough. I couldn't imagine having problems with cheese. I think I'd die. :)

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                      untrue! it depends on the person...

                      Liberté Méditerranée yogourt will be the end of me.

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                      I'm curious to hear what you found so lactose-heavy about Pakistan. Other than the occasional sweet and lassi, my father rarely consumes dairy, even ghee.

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                        Ahhh..., must be because in Pakistan I've worked the most around Lahore - very traditional, lots of dairy and milk products. Or I ate a lot of dairy. Love everything.

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                          What form did the dairy take? I can think of desserts, chai, presumably raita as I'm sure the street vendors were a hit with you, but other than Punjabi specialties like rogan josh, sarson ka saag, and a few makhani dishes, I can't come up with anything especially heavy on the lactose in Pakistani cuisine. Especially when it comes to more rustic dishes like chole or saag gosht, though conceivably they could be made with ghee in the Punjab.

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                            All of the saag we've had has yogurt blended into the sauce.

                    2. Long Island, USA. Between the baked ziti, chicken parm, sausage bread with mootz, and sundry macaronis shoved under one's nose, there is hardly time to break out the Lactaid.

                      1. Mongolia, Kazakhstan, or Kyrgyzstan. everything is yogurt, ayran, cheese, or dried cheese haha

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                            Haha! That's what first popped into my head when I read this post.

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                              It's a bit tounge in cheek, but I would imagine that the absolutey worst place to live if you were lactose intolerant would be a really tradional Masai Village, since, as I understand there are still people who make a point of living on "Masai Milkshakes" (a traditional mixture of milk and fresh cow blood) and absolutey nothing else.

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                                If she keeps Kashrut, it would be doubly bad!

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                                  The only worse thing Kosher-wise would be "boudin au lait", as it starts off from a sausage made with pig's blood (black pudding), with added milk.

                                  I'd say the Netherlands outside cosmopolitan cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Cripes they consume a lot of milk, and not-very-hard cheeses, milk-pudding etc for breakfast. In Amsterdam itself, there is a lot of food choice.