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Jan 24, 2009 01:43 PM

Where to buy fancy "Nutella?"

I love Nutella, but I'm looking for something more intense, with high-end chocolate and good hazelnuts. Something that's not overwhelmingly sweet. I've tried Rapunzel's Choconut and think it's okay.

I believe Food Emporium by E. 68 St. has Venchi chocolate-hazelnut spread in their chocolate department. Anyone tried it? This spread from La Molina ( also looks good, but it's $35 a jar!

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  1. $35.00 a JAR?????

    Are you kidding?

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    1. re: pbjluver

      That site also has $70 panettone, $15 San Marzano tomatoes, and $7 pasta (all of which I are worth it according to this article:

      Forgot about Le Pain Quotidien. Their spread is very good, but I can make something very similar at home.

    2. Zingermans

      Have never tried this...luv Nutella

      Only $25.00 a jar

      1. Le Pain Quotidien makes a chocolate-hazelnut spread which it sells by the jar at its NYC locations.

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        1. re: boccalupo

          Oh, and Grom sells jars of Crema di Gianduia. I'd guess it must be pretty good since the Grom folks are from Torino, capital of gianduia. I think I'll have to grab a jar myself and find out.

        2. Have you tried the imported nutella? Much creamier and better in my opinion...

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          1. re: tpigeon

            Oh yeah, when I went to France I made sure to pick up a giant jar. I like how it's not as sweet, and there's no palm oil/hydrogenated fat. That Italian store in Chelsea Market also imports it, but I'm looking for something really over the top.

          2. Whole Foods sells 2 different brands of organic chocolate hazelnut spread ... both are very good although the brand names escape me.

            I recall that one is from Italy and is the better of the two.

            Very dangerous to the waste line .. especially if peanut butter and crackers are nearby. An extraordinary combination.

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            1. re: LTSomma

              The brand we have at the moment, which is from Whole Foods, is called Rapunzel ... made in Germany. Organic, no-trans fat and most important of all, really really good.