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Jan 24, 2009 01:42 PM

What bars serve absinthe?

I will be in New Orleans in February and want to know which bars serve real absinthe? Thanks!

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  1. Many bars here have/use absinthe, but if you want the full experience using a fountain I know of two places: Pravda on Decatur and Herbsaint on St. Charles. Pravda is a bar while Herbsaint is primarily a restaurant with a small bar and some outdoor seating. Both have a selection of absinthe to choose from. You should also check out the absinthe museum on Royal in the FQ. I believe it's free (very small exhibit) and small shop.

    1. you should also understand that the "Absinthe" being served in the US now and the "Green Fairy" liquid of artists and writers bane are two different my understanding, Absinthe can now be distilled without many of the "toxic" cheminals from the wormwood that were once part of that ethereal now absinthe is more of a marketing tool than an actual throwback or clandestine experience

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        A few quick remarks, plus a couple of links for anyone interested in more info.

        For many years, absinthe's sensationalized "secondary effects" were erroneously attributed to thujone -- a component of wormwood. However, modern chemical analysis has turned up only trace levels of thujone in nineteenth-century absinthe. It is now believed that the drink's subtly "alert" intoxication is due to the stimulating effects of various herbs used in distillation.

        The best modern absinthes are not "absinthe lite," as some would have you believe. In composition and methods of distillation, they are identical to those made before the ban.

        Sites such as the Wormwood Society and The Absinthe Museum are good sources of up-to-date, level-headed information about absinthe:

        Wormwood Society

        The Absinthe Museum

        Pravda!, The Old Absinthe House, Herbsaint, and the Pirate's Alley Cafe all serve absinthe. At least three of these bars have adopted the 1990s Prague stunt of flaming the sugar cubes. If you'd prefer a traditional absinthe drip -- sans pyrotechnics -- make it clear when you place your order.

        Finally, an absinthe subsitute called "Absente" has been available in liquor stores for many years. Absente is NOT absinthe, and don't let any bartender try to con you into thinking otherwise!

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            There is also an Absinthe Museum in the FQ. I think its the only one the U.S.

      2. Also, Cafe Amelie has an extensive Absinthe menu (five or six different varieties, as I recall) and all of the accoutrements.

        1. if you want to try absinthe, cafe amelie on royal street has a full absinthe menu along with absinthe cocktails - and they do a wonderful presentation with a staff that is knowledgeable.