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Jan 24, 2009 01:38 PM

Any Chocolate Restaurants?

I'm looking for some nice, classy, kid friendly places where my thirteen year old daughter can have a little outing with her 6 friends. Not babish tho and not that expensive where they can have chocolate

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  1. The Chocolate Room in Park Slope might hit the note you're looking for. They do chocolate and wine pairings (like Cocoa Bar) but also just have great, sophisticated desserts. Not a place for little kids, but could be fun for teens. Good luck!

      1. It seems to get bashed on this board a lot, but I'm thirding the recommendation for Max Brenner, especially for your daughter. It's a fun place to go with a group of girlfriends (I've done it quite a few times), the atmosphere is fun, and I would have loved this place when I was 13.

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          chikalicious @203 e. 10th in the e village is divine and decadent thier hot fudge sundae has to be one of the city's best

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            I can't imagine they can take a party of 7 in that small space, though.

        2. If your daughter were 3 years old I'd recommend Max Brenner, the Chuck E Cheese of Chocolate. If you want quality chocolate and a cool place to hang out, try Jacques Torres on King Street.

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            I was thinking of that. It's not a restaurant, but there is a counter where you can sit and have delicious flavored or unflavored hot chocolate and other stuff.

          2. You might look into Mariebelle too - they have two locations and the one I've been to - in Soho - has a pretty room.