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Jan 24, 2009 01:32 PM

Spring Rolls (not fried)


Where can I find spring rolls that are not fried? I'm thinking of the ones made from rice paper, stuffed with rice noodles, basil, carrots, mint, shrimp, tofu, etc... (in case they go by another name)

Please help. Every city I've lived in has had a place I regularly went and bought them for around $2. I can make them, but it is a lot of work.

Hopefully in Nova or DC. I live in Arlington.


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  1. Most Vietnamese restaurants have them including pho houses that serve dishes in addition to pho.

    1. Yes, aren't you describing Vietnamese spring rolls? (I really don't like fried so-called spring rolls either.) Now I'm craving them too. Get to Eden Center.

      1. The restaurants usually call them something other than spring rolls. I don't know where you are in Arlington, but if you're near Clarendon:

        Nam Viet in Clarendon calls them Garden Rolls

        And Minh's in Clarendon calls them rice rolls

        I've also seen them called summer rolls.

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          If you want take out spring rolls, Song Que in Eden center sells them, along with a tasty dipping sauce.
          If you are eating in, in addition to the places above, most Thai restaurants sell them. I like the ones at T.H.A.I. in Shirlington.

        2. They're usually called "summer rolls" or "garden rolls". Nam Viet in Clarendon has some of the best. Lots of fresh mint, basil and other goodies.

          1. My favorites are sold as 'ground pork wrapped in rice paper'. Kind of like summer rolls on steroids. Fairly large, all the same ingredients you find at other places including a shrimp.,some ground pork, plus a thin, rolled savory cookie to add some crunch. At Nha Trang Restaurant, Eden Center.