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Jan 24, 2009 01:15 PM

Barcelona "bistronomia" - some infos please!

So I've been reading a lot about the different culinary choices on the boards here and there is an amazing wealth of information from all of you, really great!

I'm hoping to get some more detailed infos on some of the restaurants.
I will be in Barcelona in March for 5 days and I would definitely like to try at least one of them, or maybe one for lunch and one for dinner, if my wallet allows it.

Places I am interested in include Sauc, Gresca, Cinq Sentits, Hisop and maybe Alkimia amongst others. Which ones do you think are the absolut musts?

And does anybody have some information about what to expect in prices for lunch and dinner, would a tasting menu be the best way to go? If you have some information on any of those abovementioned places it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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  1. Posters on this board have been misspelling the restaurant, Cinc Sentits and not "Cinq".
    I don't think any restaurant in Barcelona is a "must". I've eaten at all the restaurants in your list except for Gresca. I've posted on all of them on this board. They are all very good with similar cooking style and price. Sauc is probably the most grounded where as Alkimia is probably the most 'out there'. Cinc Sentits is the most low-key and Sauc, the most informal. Cinc Sentits offers the most personal service with a staff that speaks perfect English if this is important to you. If this your first experience with these restaurants, I would take the tasting menu rather than a la carte. This will relieve you the burden of ordering and also gives you a broad sample of the food. The restaurant will adjust the menu if you have food allergy or some preferences. As for prices, I don't think there is big difference between them. The short tasting menu is around 45/50E and the larger menu is around 60/65E. I think Cinc Sentits is the only one offering a cheaper lunch set menu but make sure they are still do if you are interested. The price includes service and tax but beverages will be additional. A glass of wine is usually between 6 to 8E. A decent bottle starts around 20E. Asking for tap water is not a problem. Ordering a la carte for a 3 course meal will not be much cheaper. Either a la carte or a tasting menu, you'll be serve a few tidbits to start the meal then a few sweets after the dessert. There is plenty of food even with the shorter menu. Google the restaurants for their websites. Hope the above is helpful.

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      6 to 8E for a glass of wine? Wow, that's stratospherically high by Spanish standards.

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        Having started doing some of this research myself, the Gresca website is just a placeholder but there are some blogger write-ups and pix ->