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Jan 24, 2009 12:45 PM

Hamburgers in Montreal

My family will be coming to Montreal in the beginning of April. My 12 year old will eat anything and like my husband and I, loves being adventurous and trying new foods. My 16 year old will eat only cheeseburgers and pizza (no sauce~just cheese and dough!) At Chinese restaurants, he'll eat sweet and sour chicken (hold the sweet and sour sauce!). Any ideas on where we can eat to satisfy all of us while we are in Montreal as we continue to wait for him to outgrow this finicky toddler phase? We are staying downtown at the Marriott Chateau Champlain.

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  1. M:brgr (Mburger)
    Tel. 514.906.2747
    Fax. 514.904.2110
    2025 rue Drummond corner Sherbrooke
    Montreal, Qu├ębec, H3G 1W6

    Isn't bad at all for gourmet burgers. I also enjoy Buns between St mathieu and St Marc on St Catherine.

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      Best homemade style: LaParyse: 302, Ontario East, Montreal (514 842-2040) for the nice atmosphere, good service and always excellent food.

      Also for their game burgers: L'Anecdote: 801, Rachel East, Montreal (514) 526-7967

    2. Plugging hamburger into the search engine turns up, among others:

      Looking for a great burger joint

      Where's the best burger in Montreal?


      Looking for a burger like Mondo Frites

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        Patati Patata friterie de luxe
        Our kids and I like this place, looks like graffiti from outside and place is very tiny, but you watch two staff preparing the meals in a small open cuisine (has some tables and also counter area), and last time we were there trying to figure out how they do it one of them lifted up a trapdoor and disappeared down a ladder for supplies. We like the ambience, the prices cant be beat but that is not why we go, it is just quaint. My kids enjoy the poutine, I had fish fillets. Also serve good deals for breakfast, fresh juice, but we go cause it is so cute, lots of choices and everything we ate was good and appetizing, but not high cuisine. Good location -mid way up st. laurent. just after fancy restaurant/bar strip
        Patiti Patata 4177 St Laurent, Montreal,
        Quebec, H2W 1Y7, Canada 45.517821 -73.581319
        (514) 844-0216

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          The wife likes the take-out fries 'cause they're served in a small wooden box...

          1. re: porker

            I have two kids and I find the best restaurant for hamburgers and adult eating is Cafe Local on St Viateur in Mile End. Firstly, they grind their own meat, and they only use the best meat, so each hamburger is its own unique shape, so you know you're not getting some frozen patty. Secondly, the staff is very kid friendly and will even turn the tv on to the retro cartoon station. I know a tv may be a turnoff, but their tv is over the bar and is very discreet. (this is quebec people need to watch their hockey games) 3. the rest of the menu is great. 4. the quality and service is very even. i have been going their for four years and only had one bad note of service from a server who did not last long.

            I have two kids and we go all the time and the staff loves kids!

            Cafe Local
            200 Rue Saint-Viateur W, Montreal, QC H2T2L5, CA

            1. re: foodiemtl

              Thanks, foodiemtl.

              Is there a link to their menu? If not, could you give a brief rundown on prices?
              It sounds right up our alley, thanks for the heads-up.