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Jan 24, 2009 12:11 PM

Soma 107 - white plains

Has anyone been there recently. Wondering how the food is and what type of crowd.

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  1. The space is really trendy and Manhattan-esque. When you first enter, there is a bar area, and you have to walk past that to get to the dining area. The dining area is quite large. Unfortunately, when we got there at around 7, there were only like 2 other groups eating. The dining area is spacious and cozy.

    We had an excellent, bubbly waiter named Ben. He was very helpful in explaining all the dishes and checked up on us, but not obsessively :-) Our water was constantly filled and we got everything we needed in terms of service.

    Onto the food...

    2 Crusty Rolls

    Baby Rocket Salad with Fire Roasted Peppers, Red Beets, Bocconcini, and Balsamix Vinaigrette... This salad was eh... maybe it was because I asked for the dressing on the side but the arugula was like really stiff.

    Kobe Beef Corndogs with Chipotle Pepper Ketchup and Honey Mustard. YUM!!!! One order of this special appetizer came with 4 mini corn dogs.

    The outside was nice and crispy and not too thick, and the "hot dog" was noticeably fattier... it was delish! The spicy ketchup was awesome as well!

    Chorizo Crusted Swordfish with Roasted Butternut Squash, Charred Yellow Pepper Sauce... This was awesome. The Yellow Pepper Sauce was quite salty, but besides that, the fish was cooked well! It was nice and moist. The crust was also quite flavorful and went with the mellow swordfish. The "mashed" butternut squash was sweet and delicious. A nice contrast to the other peppery flavors.

    Sapporo Reserve Braised Short Ribs with Curry Cauliflower Purée, Garlic Shanghai Baby Bok Choy, Natural Reduction. Yummm.... the meat was super tender, fatty, and delicious! The cauliflower purée tasted more like mustard rather than curry, but nonetheless delish.

    We took dessert home to enjoy later...

    Blackout Chocolate Cake... This was good. It was a chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse covered in chocolate ganache. It was alright but doesn't compare to Lulu's :-)

    All in all, it was a really good dinner. The only thing is, it's quite expensive. Me and my boyfriend don't drink so with 2 apps, 2 entrees, and dessert, the bill being like over $110 was quite a lot for us. I would go back but probably only for a nice occassion :-)

    FYI- It's really not a "Pan-Asian" restaurant like people think. It's not like Haiku where they have like different Asian dishes. Check out the menu. The other dishes look quite interesting.

    Please see my blog for pictures!!

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      Hey Miki...did you know that Haiku is opening up its biggest establishment right next to Soma 107? i wonder how they are going to compare against Soma 107 and Asian Temptation.

      1. re: ngimcm

        I think Haiku will do well against Asian Temptation and Soma 107. Soma is upscale and very expensive. There happy hour drinks are $7.00...There food is good but they need to work on their waitstaff service...Asian Temptation was 100 times better the first couple of years it was open. Food and service has done hill. Also most of their staff is very limited in English and hard to communicate with.

        1. re: ngimcm

          Haiku and Soma are completely different in terms of the food they serve!! Haiku is definitely more affordable. Soma has like a more upscale feel. But haiku (ive only been to the one in bronxville) is probably gonna do well because its cheaper and its still like got that trendy feel....