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Jan 24, 2009 11:33 AM

Lake of the Ozarks

I will be going to Lake of the Ozarks next weekend and I'm curious about what chowhounds recommend there. Is there anything unique to the area to look for? Also, are there any place we ought to avoid?

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  1. I can recommend On the Rise Bakery and Bistro, it's only open for Breakfast/lunch. It's been a while since I've been down there but it was really good when i was there, the bakery makes a ham and cheese roll that I can't eat enough of and the bistro-style lunch and breakfast food is very well prepared.

    Other than that, in my limited time at the Lake I haven't had much luck, a lot of chain restaurants and such, but, I am sure there are some gems that I just have missed.

    Here is the link to On the Rise

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        Third for OTR. Very good. Bananas Foster French toast is my wife's favorite.

    1. Barons Bistro is my favorite place at the lake - it's in Camdenton, though, which can be quite a ways from a lot of the main Lake action:

      Barons Bistro
      8 Bridal Cave Rd, Camdenton, MO
      Tel: (573) 346-6369

      The Kenilworth House Sidewalk Café is also great - very folksy/foodie, with cool kitchen gadgets and cookbooks in the entryway, too:

      The Kenilworth House Sidewalk Café, Highway 54, Lake Ozark, MO 65049 (573) 348-5959

      The Duck (Formerly the Lucky Duck) isn't bad, and has the advantage of being one of the area's upscale restaurants right on the lake:

      Avoid, avoid, avoid the Blue Heron and Potted Steer - yucky (a spider in my salad - no joke), crazy (cornish hen with raw green grapes in what seemed to be a cinnamon-flavored water.. gourmet? non) food and mediocre service.

      Also, look for divey looking bbq places by the sides of highways.. they're kind of a Lake tradition and are often quite good.

      Finally, my favorite restaurant at the Lake used to be Toledo's (at Four Seasons resort) - the chef was unbelievably good and finally left for a much better paying job at a really good restaurant in San Francisco. Unfortunately, after he left, the restaurant ceased to exist. There might be something else in there now, but I have no idea how good it is. Anyone tried the Four Seasons restaurants lately (like HKs, or the raquetball place)? (Or the Tan Tara - another golf resort - restaurants, for that matter?)

      1. I hate to tell you this but On the Rise Bakery and The Duck Restaurant ( are both closed for the season and won't reopen until sometime around the end of February or mid-March. Check out both websites.
        Baron's Bistro has been closed for about 3 years but there is a German restaurant there now and it's Der Essen Platz. The Kenilworth house has been closed for about 5 years and there is a Chinese restaurant there now.
        HK's is in the Lodge of Four Season's and has a varied menu, somewhat upscale.
        Andre's on the Lake is an upscale French restaurant on Horseshoe Bend and is very nice. A cozy bar that has it's own menu and the restaurant with a great view.
        Go to and click on dining and you can read about all of our restaurants.
        We have many local casual restaurants that are far better than the chains.

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          Wow, that's sad - interestingly, it seems that both these closures corresponded pretty closely time-wise with the destruction of the historic Arrowhead Lodge. *sighs*

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            I've been going to the lake for 12 years, and the best I've ever had is Andre's. A French trained chef serving amazing French and Mediterranean cuisine! And you can't beat the view.

            1. re: Dr.Tam

              My god, this place is amazing. I thought their walleye was perfect, and the scallops in saffron cream sauce was so good I asked the waiter for the recipe, and he got it for me. What a view, too. If you want romantic, good cocktails, and great food, this is it.

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            The Seven Springs Winery looks awesome! I wish I still lived in MO.

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              Really pretty site and the food and wine were pretty good.
              We haven't been to Der Essen Platz since it moved from Stover, but we always enjoyed their food before.

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                I remember way back when Der Essen Platz was in Cole Camp.. they were excellent for years and then started to slip. (On a different, but related, note, I hope that place down the street from the former Der Essen Platz in Cole Camp is still there.. a guy [Amish, I think?] started up a small place with just 1-2 items offered on the menu per day, plus ever-changing baked goods. It was excellent, but I never saw anyone else eating there...)

          2. Wobbly Boots has very good BBQ. There is a great Nacho dish on the appetizers that is a meal in itself. A bar called "Pickled Petes" has a good blackend fish sandwich. A favorite more upscale restaurant is J.B. Hooks. They have a very good surf & turf. The Horny Toad has a nice atmosphere and marginal food except for the chicken wings...they are great. Is there anything going on this weekend? My review is for their summer season. I do not eat out as much if I go off season.