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Jan 24, 2009 11:23 AM

Best Vietnamese In Sydney?

Arriving in Sydney next week from Auckland and what we don't have in Auckland is great Vietnamese food. Any suggestions on what to try in Sydney? We have a care and wiling to travel. Staying in E. BEaches. Many thanks.

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  1. Go west! Cabramatta is the Vietnamese enclave of Sydney. Everyone has their own favourites, but the whole of Cabramatta is a great experience (markets, shops etc). It is a bit of a trip though.

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      In concur with the Cabramatta tip. It's a hell of a train ride from the city (maybe an hour? Get on an airconditioned train!) but well worth it. If you can't bring yourself to go to Cabramatta, Marrickville is closer to the city and still has a few reasonable cheapo vietnamese places.

    2. An in Bankstown is supposedly the best Pho you will get in Sydney.
      Closer to town is Xic Lo in Chinatown
      and in Newtown Tanh Bien has a restaurant also.
      More modern and upmarket is Red Lantern on Crown street in Surry hills.

      For some research into vietnamese is Sydney go to and head for Maeve O'Meara's "food safari" as her episode on Singapore will provide the list of resources for the SBS team.

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        Good tips kmh.

        Dong Ba in Bankstown (there's also one in Cabramatta) also does good pho. In fact, I was over Vietnam recently and I think Dong Ba's pho was better than some of the pho I had over there! Richer, more flavourful etc. I'm still to get to Pho An, but yeah have heard it's supposed to be the best.

        There's a good pork roll (banh mi) shop around the corner too. Forgotten the name.

        Going to Red Lantern in a couple of weeks myself for a birthday ... yum yum ... I haven't been there for a while -- anyone recommend any favourite dishes?? I hope they still have the caramelised silver perch ...

      2. Best Pho (Vietnamese Beef Noodle) is AN in Bankstown, I recommend you call them before you go just to make sure they are open to avoid disappointment (close quite often).

        For Best Vietnamese Restaurant, I would recommend going to Bay Thinh in Marrickville, the chef is the ex chef of the Vietnam Prime Minister. They serve good authentic food, try their rice cake and Bonfire (handmade spring roll). Again I recommend you call and book to avoid disappointment (especially friday night).

        1. Bau Truong

          Ask the waiter (MIng) to choose your dishes, but make sure you get the beef salad (with star fruit & apple)