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Jan 24, 2009 10:51 AM

Daisy Mint, why did we wait so long?

Okay, I know everybody but us has known about this place for eons, so I'll try to keep the OMG!!! kind of thing to a minimum. But it's gonna be hard.

So three of us, me, Mrs. O and one of her former co-workers, show up there at 6:30 last night sans reservation, place pretty crowded (small, as others have noted). Nonetheless the cute and cheerful waitperson quickly sets us a four-top and almost as quickly takes drink orders, American iced tea for the others and Thai for me. Those come, and then we order Green Jungle curry and Pad Thai with chicken, and Spicy Fried Rice with shrimp. All of this does take its own sweet time coming out; the kitchen apparently operates at less than a frantic pace, which may be why some reviewers have griped about the service, but the results when they arrive immediately prove to be well worth the wait, and then some. Everything is fresh and good, and the Green Jungle, which was my choice, proves to be the most heavenly-delicious Thai dish I've ever put in my mouth - rich, complex, just spicy enough, chicken (breast, yeah) a smidge overcooked but still plenty chickeny, and the eggplant (which I get all to myself) perfect. I might even try it sometime with just extra eggplant.

That small room hasn't much extra space in it, but it feels cozy instead of cramped; Mrs. O, who knows about these things, says it feels exactly like some New York neighborhood hang on a sidestreet, not at all like a space on a dull and boring stretch of Colorado. There were several groups of people who acted like regulars, young family people and middle-aged academic types, happily conversing and eating and enjoying the bottles of wine they'd brought. Oh, yeah, the door, which we were pretty close to, got stuck open a couple of times, letting in what passes around here for "cold" air, and the handbag of a woman on her way out threatened to drag me off my chair. But it's been a long time since we've felt so immediately at home, especially in a restaurant new to us, and we can hardly wait to drag a few more folks in with us so we can experience it again. And at about $15-$20 apiece including tip, we can do this about as often as we like.

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  1. Will, you must try the kimchee fried rice next time. I also like the eggplant salad. We had the same issue with the open door and once we waited forever for the one dish my daughter would eat, but I agree, the delays and discomforts are minor compared to the food and atmosphere.

    1. We have been there twice; once at in and once to go. Both times we have had great food at reasonable prices. I particularly like the Panang Curry with pumpkin in it. It gets very crowded and service is slow at times so plan accordingly.

      1. Had the Green Jungle curry this weekend and yes, it was pretty wonderful. But the highlight of my dinner at DM was the Waterfall Pork - grilled pork on a bed of greens with spicy lime dressing (and it was actually spicy, yay!). The tom kha kai was also quite good.

        We didn't have a reservation, so they sat us outside on the back patio, which was actually quite pleasant even on a cold evening. Much quieter and less cramped than the main dining room.

        1. Like everyone else, when I was there I tried the crabmeat wontons and was pleasantly surprised even though I normally don't like cheese with seafood. These worked, however.

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            I have so many different relatives and friends with these rules about what should go with what, and this one is one I particular find interesting, cheese and seafood together is certainly one I've come across with people many times, and I am so abnormal that I think chicken should not be on pizza, sorry to all of you that love it!

            I am sure there could be a thread about this because we have these ideas, sometimes cultural or religious etc.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              I think the cream-cheese-crab thing was a Trader Vic's invention, called Crab Rangoon (a name no doubt pulled out of the same hat he was always talking through!). There was a Chinese restaurateur in Nashville who had them on his menu, amusingly misspelled as Carb Rolls. I knew we weren't SUPPOSED to like them, but we were all addicted to them and often ate there just for those things. But as for avoiding any cheese with seafood, there are so many fine exceptions to this "rule" - tuna melt, anyone? - that I can't imagine worrying about it.

              Chowpatty, I was seriously tempted by the kimchee fried rice, and only the fact that we were making just one choice apiece kept me from ordering that too. I will of course try it some time. Same with the tom ka kai, which would have been redundant with the Green Jungle; one of my favorite combos in the past has been a bowl of that, followed by whatever version of the beef salad is on the menu. Gotta try Green Jungle with scallops, too!

            2. I am so glad you finally got yourselves over there, Will! We go all the time and the only thing I have had that I really did not like was the Pad Thai (and the Daisy Noodles is a little weird at first (red curry) but you can warm to it if you want. We always get the Crab Wontons (this is a must for us - they can keep the other apps) and the garlic green beans. Then we shake it up a bit. I love the Daisy Salmon, Tom Yum with the sizzling rice, eggplant is fantastic, their chicken wings are pretty good, but you need to order them with extra sauce, steak salad is fantastic - you have to order it med rare or it will be way overcooked, Pad See Ewe. They have a fried rice that one of the waitresses recommended to me since I " the flavors of Tom Yum" which was pretty good. Every single person I have taken there has added it to their rotation of places to go when they want a good meal without spending a ton of cash. I hear that the pork chops are really good, but have not gotten around to ordering that yet. They know me so well that they just bring me the pitcher of water and a big glass - they don't even ask anymore!! It truly is a gem and I hope they stay around for a long, long time!

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                1. re: SIMIHOUND

                  Daisy Mint
                  1218 E Colorado Blvd
                  Pasadena, CA 91106
                  (626) 792-2999

                  It's way east on a pretty desolate stretch of Colorado, but well worth the trip. Love that Daisy Salmon.

                  1. re: barham turner

                    It's right across the street from the Chinart store, where we used to get great bargains in Chinese antique furniture. There's an interesting-looking lunch diner close by as well - need to check that out sometime. Strange treasures for such a boring area!

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      You must be talking about Andy's. This is my go-to place for a decent tuna melt and breakfast. Old-time feel. Your regular, run-of-the-mill coffee shop food. Open til 3 on weekdays.

                    2. re: barham turner

                      Boy am I glad I asked for the location because I work 11 blocks from there and the food sounds wonderful.