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Jan 24, 2009 10:00 AM

Uncle Lee's Tea is so Good! Now where do I find it?

I got this tea in a sampler gift pack from walmart. But I only like the decaf/rooibos blends. I have found some at Shoppers drugmart but they dony offer many varieties(the orange ginger) I was wondering if anyone has seen it around anywhere.

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  1. also there is a wholesale place in calgary that sells it but probably only to companies.

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      I work for Puresource as a sales rep/educator and off the top of my head COOP, Planet Organic, Community Natural Foods, Nutrition House and Nutters Canmore all carry Uncle Lees. If there is a specific flavour you'd like, any one of these stores would do a special order for you. Hope this helps!

    2. The tea shops next to T&T supermarkets have different Uncle Lee's teas, (as well as T&T itself I think).