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Jan 24, 2009 09:35 AM

[London] Coffee@ chain - closed?

Just wondering if anyone on here knows whats happened to my favourite coffee shop - Coffee@ - we went today to the one on Goswell Road and it was closed, so we wandered to the Whitecross St one and I was horrified to see it was closed too!!!!

Anyone know whats happened? Where am I going to chill out and read the Sunday papers now? Help!

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  1. I think it's gone into administration, the branch on Tower Bridge Road is also closed. Seems the recession is starting to make itself felt :-(

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    1. re: babybat

      Oh bum! Such a shame, this was my favourite place to chill out with a coffee, and the staff were really nice as well.
      Thanks for letting me know though - I had planned to go to Brick Lane today to check if their 2 stores were closed but have come down with a stinking cold so didn't make it.

    2. The sign on the door of Coffee@Bermondsey said that they had a burst water mains.

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      1. re: limster

        I was on Bermondsey Street on Friday and saw the aforementioned sign. I got the bus to Liverpool Street where I should have got a coffee at Taylor St but decided I would plow on and walk to Whitecross Street. The branch there was "Closed For Maintenance" .Disappointingly the burrito stall wasn't there nor the stall selling magazines for a quid. Fed up and soaked i walked back to the Wetherspoons on Old Street and downed a few pints of Double Stout.

        1. re: debord

          There was no sign in Whitecross yesterday, nor at Goswell Road. They both looked like they'd just been left - there were empty bottles etc on the tables in Whitecross. I may wander up there this week in my lunchhour to see if theres anything happening there.

      2. The (original?) Coffee@Brick Lane shop was still open for business as usual when I walked past it on Sunday around noon. It was quite busy too.

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        1. re: raistlyn

          I think the original was Coffee@Bermondsey. The one @Goswell Rd had a sign saying "closed for refurbishment" or something like that a few days ago... It was my source of daily coffee!!!

          The one at Whitecross St was closed too two days ago when I walked by.

          1. re: felizald

            We didn't see a sign but perhaps we missed it as we were so disappointed!

            I will have a pop by Whitecross 2moro if I get a chance to check it out - maybe someone at the market'll know what happened!

            Thanks to all that replied -looks like I'll be going to Brick Lane at weekends for coffee !

          2. re: raistlyn

            Both on brick lane were closed yesterday. The one between the beigel shops looked like they just walked out and locked up. There were even cartons of fresh milk on the floor.

            1. re: relizabeth

              Thats what the Whitecross one looked like - there were bottles of water etc on the table. thanks for the update!

          3. Coffee@Bermondsey was open today. Got a drink there.

            1. Goswell and WhiteCross were both still closed on Sunday Feb 1st. FYI, there actually was some work being done in the Goswell one on Wednesday so there is still hope.

              still no sign in Whitecross's windows.

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              1. re: chloe254

                Oh that's a good sign! I keep meaning to get up there but work last week was so hectic I couldn't take a long lunch and then today I had a "snow day"! I do wonder why they didn't have a website- would help a lot!