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Jan 24, 2009 09:23 AM

Brown Sweet Rice recipes ( plus kimchee)

I was browsing in an Oriental market this morning and picked up a bag of Brown Sweet Rice.
Now what do I do with it? Internet searches are coming up with regular brown rice recipes.
Also bought a jar of kimchee because I always wanted to try it and a Korean woman next to me said it was hot - my husband loves hot- so I have a 16 oz jar to start with. Is it just a side dish or do i cook with it?

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  1. the short-grain texture is a little different than traditional brown rice, so it's often used to make sticky rice or dessert rice dishes. i've seen the Lundberg Farms product on store shelves, so i checked their website, and they have some recipe suggestions..

    you could also use it in a standard mango sticky rice recipe.
    do a Google search for "sweet rice" recipes to get some ideas - the fact that it's brown rice isn't all that important.

    and re: the kimchee, it's traditionally served as a condiment, but if you search the Home Cooking board you'll find many discussions about how CHers like to enjoy it. personally i just prefer to eat a forkful straight from the jar when i have a craving for something pickled & spicy :)

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      Great link! I have brown jasmine and brown basmati.