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Har Lam Kee, Monterey Park

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Have to agree with the few archived posts - this place rocks! Reminded me of some of the great, inexpensive Cantonese-style food experienced during my trips to Vancouver/Richmond. $4 gets you wontons very generously filled with shrimp, a flavorful broth, and a few stalks of Chinese broccoli to round out the bowl. Also ordered the salted deep fried tofu cubes and beef fried rice noodles. All very good.

Some tables had the rice sheet rolls and hot pots. Porridge also seems to be a specialty. If anyone has other recs please share.

Five year old son and I had respective $5 and $6 haircuts at the salon a few doors west. In and out in about 15 minutes.

Be prepared for a wait during peak hours. Parking also a bit difficult even in the back lot.

Har Lam Kee
150 E. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park

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  1. I really like Har Lam Kee. They also have family dinner specials too. I can't remember the prices just right now but they are reasonable.

    1. My favorite dishes there are the beef brisket stew. You can get this over rice or in your noodles. They do this ubiquitous dish better than any place I've had before. And the Pipa tofu is my favorite comfort food whenever I'm down. Mashed up tofu mixed with some eggs, scallions, and cilantro and deep fried into large footballs of crispiness that burst with tofu squishiness.

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        Went there today and tried three dishes:

        Beef Brisket Stew with Noodles - definitely agree with you Tofumaster! The beef was so excellent and high-quality, lean and chewy and moist. I got it over noodles and the soup was a bit light for my taste, so I may get it over rice next time. i wish they gave more beef, I could have eaten twice as much!

        Wonton and Dumpling Noodle Soup - this is a damn good bowl of noodles. The dumplings were better for me because they were more flavorful and had more of a texture with the crispy ear mushrooms.

        Fish ball and Squid with Spicy Sauce - ordered this from a web recommendation, I don't think I'll get it again. The spicy sauce was a spicy curry gravy, which was okay, and the squid were a little bit soft from overboiling. The fish balls were really good and gave that bounce when you bit into them, so they may be really good in noodles.

        All three dishes were $14 total, so I'm definitely going back again!

      2. I agree...this place has really good wontons and wonton soup. Perhaps the best I've tasted anywhere. They also have those Chinese donuts wrapped in rice noodle, really yummy.

        1. jonathon gold ripped on the wontons in this wk's laweekly.com. seeing that his knowledge of chinese cuisine is purely cursory, i am inclined to believe the recs on this board.

          1. I like the way their food tastes too but I got stomach problems after the last time I ate there, so I won't be going back.

            1. I like going there for their juk (I usually get it with minced beef & a century egg) and their wonton/dumpling soup. And of course, the chinese donuts (alone or wrapped in rice sheet rolls).


              1. These are the guys who actually got me not only to eat but to LIKE cubes of deepfried tofu. Okay, make that LOVE. And I have no idea why - it just hits some vital twang deep in my being, I guess.

                The fried rock cod and the salty-fish fried rice are our other must-haves, and the mushrooms and the green veg with black oyster sauce. And the best part is that it all costs something approximating bus fare!

                1. Okay, I think an "ultimate 2006" mystery is solved. I've been putting together a list of all the ultimate restaurants with their addresses, cross streets, phone numbers, websites, cuisine type and price range (it's taking me forever but I think it will be useful to have.) The one I couldn't locate was Lee Kum Kee, which got one vote. I think the poster was confusing Har Lam Kee with Lee Kum Kee, the Chinese condiment line.

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                      I have a growing list of San Gabriel Valley restaurants (including Har Lam Kee) compiled but without restaurant's websites. It is skewed toward Chinese restaurants. I would be shocked if more than a handful of those restaurants actually have a website. Anyhow, I hope you will find some of the information helpful: http://www.geocities.com/raytamsgv

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                        Thanks for the link, that's a nice website you have there, I bookmarked it. Yeah there aren't many delicious SGV restaurants with websites, although Din Tai Fung has a pretty nice one: www.dintaifungusa.com . I laughed when I first saw the address because I read it as Din Tai Fungus A.

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                          ha i say that everytime i look at their web address... din tai fungus.

                    2. i love this place. it's one of the very few cantonese places that serve things other than western/HK (gong sik) food. Their beef brisket noodles/mein (ngau nam mien/fun) is definitely delicious. The meat is really tender. I haven't had the wontons but love their steamed rice noodles and porridge. For their wontons, how do they compare to say Wonton Time who stuff 3-4 pieces of shrimp but w/ no pork? Here's a link to wonton time: http://noodlewhore.blogspot.com/2006/...

                      raytamsgv, love the breakdown/description food available in the SGV on your site..