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Jan 24, 2009 08:14 AM

help me pick! masa, fleur de lys, or pena pachamama for vday??

so i'm trying to decide on a restaurant for valentine's day. i've heard masa is amazing, always wanted to try fleur de lys, and intrigued by pena pachamama (we like raw food dishes). we're vegetarian and vegan and fish eaters and sometimes lovers of dairy and cream (hah, what a description!), so we're quite flexible. which one is the right decision, chowhounders??

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  1. I'd pick Masa's, but I'm not vegan and am perfectly happy when served meat. Cream, butter, and veal stock is what makes food at this level sing. My guess is that your food restrictions would so tie down the kitchen at Masa's that visiting there would be a waste.

    1. Truly don't go to Pena Pachamama unless

      1. You are going for the live show
      2. You don't expect too much from the food

      I really enjoyed my visit to PPM, but it had more to do with the festiveness of the place rather than the food. I could not imagine going there just for the food. It is not bad, it is just not their focus.

      Here's my old report. It was the days before they added the living dishes to the menu, so those might be better.

      I'm sure you will have an overall nice time ... if you catch the show ... and it is a cozy Valentines type of atmosphere ... after all it is where ... as a different restaurant ... Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio had their wedding dinner.

      It just amused me to see this place with the other two as a choice in the decision-making.

      1. Does Keller himself continue to cook at Fleur?

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          Hubert Keller splits his time between Fleur d Lys San Francisco and Fleur dL Las Vegas. In general, I would say Masa's probably has slightly better food overall but FdL is somewhat more flexible. At Fleur they will make a real effort to build a tasting menu around the wine you order and any specific requests/restrictions you have. Either would be a good choice for Valentine's Day

          1. I'm veg, and I had a fabulous meal at Masa in August. When you make your reservation, let them know your dietary restrictions, and you'll be magnificently taken care of!