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Jan 24, 2009 08:14 AM

Madeira question

I have a bottle of 10 years old old reserve Colombo Madeira. How long will it remain drinkable after opening?

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  1. Unlike most wines, Madeira is relatively indestructible It will certainly keep for months.

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        Absolutely years. i have several bottles on the kitchen counter that have been open for a few years and they're fine. You do have some evaporation risk.

    1. A friend had a bottle of Madeira that was 70 years old. When he first opened the bottle, the taste was a bit off, but once it was aerated, it was great!

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        Oops, I misread your question. So ignore my response above.

      2. Unlike many other fortified wines like Porto, Madeira will keep for several months as I recently opened a similar vintage recently which I brought back from Funchal.


        1. Mine has been open around 5 months and perfectly fine.

          1. Madeira will remain drinkable for years if properly sealed (to prevent evaporation) as it is already fully oxidised before being bottled - ie, air contact won't do any more to change the character than it already has.