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Jan 24, 2009 07:50 AM

Caterer for brunch?

I'm helping a friend organize her wedding brunch. We're looking for a caterer that can do Sunday brunch for a party of about 100 people. The couple values organic, sustainable, healthy food (but organic is not absolutely required). Rather than go with one of the larger catering companies, they'd like to support a smaller one, if possible. Can anyone suggest a good, small catering company that fits this description?


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  1. You must give Ezra Title at Chez Vous Dining a call. He is amazing and sounds like exactly what you're looking for. He catered my hubby's 50th birthday and did a fantastic job. He's also very much in to organic and healthy food. He's a regular at the Brickworks Market on Saturdays and now over at Wychwood Barns. He is a pleasure to deal with and would do a fabulous job of it. If you do call, please give him my regards!

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      I second the recommendation for Ezra. You must go to the Green Barn farmers market on Saturday mornings and try Ezra's breakfast specials. His polenta with sauteed mushrooms is incredible! He's also a sweetheart and probably incredibly easy to deal with.

    2. Try Carole Ferrari of the Local Café. She's great. Her catering company specializes in local, sustainable, organic. And it's great food.

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