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Jan 24, 2009 07:38 AM

Need elegant restaurant in Ft. Myers area for classy octogenarian

Hi Hounds, we'll be visiting my MIL in Ft. Myers for her 80th b-day in early Feb. and are looking for a nice restaurant for the festivities. She eats out a lot, and it would be fun to find a place she hasn't found yet. No restrictions, She likes all types of food. Hounds have always come thru for me from Boston to New Zealand, and I'm sure we'll find something special this time, too. Thanks for your creative thinking about the Ft. Myers area.

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  1. Are you willing to travel to Naples? Honestly, there is nothing GREAT in Ft. Myers. Definitely travel south to Bonita Springs or Naples for better options. I would highly recommend Angelina's in Bonita. It is right on 41 across from what used to be the Bingo Ship. Their food is FANTASTIC! One of the best i've experienced down there so far and would be great for a birthday celebration.

    Also, in Naples you have options such as Campiello, and Cafe Lurcat. I know most hounds would shy away from these two, but I happen to think their food is quite good. However, one of my faves in Naples is Bleu Provence. Again, this would be great for a birthday celebration.

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      Thanks so much NiKoLe for your thoughtful and thorough reply. Ironically Lurcat came up when I needed a rec in Minneapolis for a wedding present. Here's the thread. It's a riot.
      Is Lurcat an upscale chain? or mere coincidence? btw the B&G had a great dinner there.