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Jan 24, 2009 07:31 AM

Sunday NY Times rates Sonora "Excellent"

I have never been to Sonoro, but this review makes the place sound awesome. Does anyone have recent experiences?

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    1. Roxlet, I have only been to Sonora in Portchester one time a few years ago, but I thought the food and service were excellent and the environment lovely. Love their menu. I'm sure it couldn't have changed that much since I was there. Very romantic.

      1. I was there most recently in early September. We sat outside on the deck, which was very nice the food was excellent as always. My favorite table is upstairs, it is a four top that overlooks the main dining room. I think It is a little quieter upstairs. You can check Liz Johnson's blog, (for the pics) she did a piece on them with photos during restaurant week.

        1. I have been there many times I have never found it to be an excellent. Food has always been good but service has never been great. Last time we had a 6:30 reservation and the dining room was 1/4 full but it took them a good 10 minutes for them to seat us. The sat us without menus and then it took another 10 minutes for a waiter to come by and he asked us if we would like to order. When we informed him we didn't have menus he took a drink order and disappeared. He brought the drinks but no menus. So we asked again. Halfway through our cocktails the busboy came by with the water and I asked him for a menu and he got it no problem. Food has always been good but the service has always been poor. The decor is very nice but the noise level is very very high when it is full.

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            I agree with foodrink. I have been there a few times and my favorite thing by far are the caiparinas (sp?). The food is pretty good, fresh and well prepared, but nothing "excellent". I also agree with the service. The service hasn't been good except for one time when we sat at the bar. The bartender was attentive and friendly. I haven't been in agreement with any of the recent NYT reviews lately. But that's why I am on Chowhound :)

          2. I was shocked when I read the review this morning. I always thought of the food as good, but not exceptional, and the service spotty to awful, depending on the night.

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            1. re: Shawn

              I always thought Sonora was under appreciated. I think the food and service are exceptional without being over the top. Service has always been good.