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Jan 24, 2009 07:26 AM

Deep Fried Clams [Detroit]

Does anyone in the Detroit area know of a good place to get Fried Clams. I'm looking for a place as good as Howard Johnsons before they went out of bussiness. The one's I've tried locally are like raw corn meal that clump together. Any help would be greatly appreciated !! Coffeemug

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Red Robin has good fried clams

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      1. re: qajohn

        Thank You for your recommendation. Coffeemug

      2. Does Scotty Simpson's do fried clams? I know they make homemade Clam Chowder, but do not remember if they fry up Clams.

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        1. re: JanPrimus

          That doesn't *sound* familiar, but I can check and get back to you by Monday at the latest.

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            Thanks for the recommendation. I'm not familiar with Scotty Simpsons but will look it up. Coffeemug

            1. re: coffeemug

              No fried clams at Scotty Simpson's, sorry to say. Just checked.

              Their fish and chips are a little bit of heaven, but if fried clams are the only thing you're wanting, then they can't help you, unfortunately. Frogs legs? Yes. Fried clams? No.

              So sorry.

          2. I've had good fried clams at the following:

            Dearborn Tavern (Pelham and Outer Drive, Dearborn)--they are HUGE
            Elmhurst Tap Room (Outer Dr. just west of Pelham, Dearborn)--closer to HoJo's clams, but not as good :)
            Leon's, which is a small chain of family dining-type places (we go to the one on Michigan Ave. just east of Telegraph)--again, closer to HoJo's, but just not as good

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              Thanks for the info. I'll try them. Thanks Coffeemug

            2. I am with you on this, I can't seem to find a decent fresh made batch of clams anywhere. Everyplace I have tried has the frozen variety, not even close to what I used to get back in Boston. :-(

              Sometimes after a few beer I slum it and get a batch from White Castle but then I live in shame the next day.

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                I agree with you 100%. Thanks Coffeemug

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                  I love getting an order of full-bellied clams at the Boston Sail Loft by Christopher Columbus Square. Then a nice walk over to the north end for the best canolli's around.