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Jan 24, 2009 07:25 AM

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

How do you make yours? What kind of cheese(es) do you use? What kind of bread do you use? What do you put on the bread? Do you use a grill pan, toaster oven, Foreman grill, something else? Do you add other ingredients like tomato, bacon, other stuff? Do you make it open-face or closed? And what do you like to serve alongside? Soup? Salad? Something else? To me, this is a perfect lunch for a cold winter's day. Help me make it even better.

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  1. Sourdough bread with cheddar cheese (maybe tomato or maybe not), with yellow mustard grilled on the Griddler and served with Campbell's tomato soup (made with milk). To me, this is the best snow-day lunch there could be!

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      Grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup, definitely a regular combination on the school lunch menu when I was a kid.

    2. My preference is havarti on jewish rye, salted butter on both sides, in a covered fry pan, 'til I get a golden brown crunch on the bread and nicely molten cheese.
      I have in the past dressed it up with tomato, bacon, crab, gravlox, and other items, but I returned to basics. Grilled havarti on rye with a bloody mary.
      The only better winter lunch in a northern climate I can think of is when your neighbor hits a deer with his truck and you carve out the backstraps while he is cursing his misfortune and broken headlight.

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        Ah, yes... I remember it well. Backstraps and grilled cheese on rye with a Bloody Deery.

      2. I like 'em with either Miracle Whip or mayonnaise instead of butter. It cooks up with a richer flavor.

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          Me too! Gives a nice little tang, but use a light hand or it can be too greasy.

          Otherwise, a good sharp cheddar, sometimes with another cheese, swiss or whatever's around, sprinkled with paprika and/or some fresh ground pepper on good firm whole grain bread. Maybe tomato if they're good and in season. I MUST USE MY CAST IRON for this which I get hot and then turn down to a medium flame. Makes the edges crispy.

          Tomato soup with this is my comfort food.

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            Wait. You mean you put MW or mayo on the outside of the sandwich rather than butter? So you fry the sandwich in MW or mayo? How bizarre. I may have to try this tonight.

            1. re: Davedigger

              I put a thin film of Hellman's on my grilled cheese(s) (always changing) and grill them in butter in a cast iron skillet. But always mayo.

              1. re: bayoucook

                My husband does this too and it's so delish. He started doing it because he thought thats how his mom makes it. It's not! But it's turned into his 'secret' ingredient in the best grilled cheese and tuna melts!

                1. re: nmurawsk

                  love tune and cheese melts. mmm. That trick with mayo on the outside, creates a gorgeous golden toasted bread.

          2. I use a nonstick saute pan and weigh the sandwich down with a plate. Try sprinking a little curry powder onto the bread before buttering it, being sure to distribute the curry evenly into the butter as you spread it. In summer, I use an electric wafflemaker so there's less kitchen heat. I don't use the curry if I'm adding tomato and/or cooked bacon, but then I use honey mustard inside. Preferred breads are sourdough, multigrain, and rye. I love Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, adding a little milk or cream.

            1. One of my favorite simple/non-gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches was swiss cheese on rye bread, toasted in a skillet with a bit of butter. Just kind of press down on the bread with a spatula when the cheese starts to melt. Childhood recipe would be Kraft singles on Wonder bread. College dining hall recipe was white bread with Velveeta and they did a great job of really toasting the bread so it got super crunchy (it was pretty greasy IIRC) and of course served with tomato soup. In a pinch, if no soup available, I dip the sandwich in catsup. Used to get a fantastic grilled cheese sandwhich at a resto where they used sourdough, gruyere (I's been 20 years), and chutney.