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Jan 24, 2009 07:20 AM

live crawfish

i am hankering to boil. i know it's a little early. i have gotten crawfish on New Year's Eve before but the sack had tons of hay, little crawfish and two poor turtles that i let go in audobon lagoon.
anyhow last year i was getting decent live sacks by the middle of february.
one of the best ones i had was lundi gras day.
so, does anyone know who has decent live crawfish yet?
every year it's the same thing.....crop will be bad....samller crawfish and higher prices.....blah blah blah. i would guess that gustav and ike did screw things up though...

so does anyone have any suggestions? yes, i know it;'s early. i know they are small right now no need to tall me that. i am just curious to see if anyone has had any luck with a live sack yet........

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  1. check out River Pond Seafood on Airline and Dennis' off W.Esplanade

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    1. I talked to Arthur at Jefferson Seafood on Jefferson Hwy. by Picadilly) early in the week and he was getting a couple nice sacks every couple of days. They are high, 3.50/#, but when the craving is there, sometimes you just gotta pay the piper

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      1. I got three sacks in November at Kenner Seafood. Not cheap, not tiny, DELICIOUS.

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          november??? that's crazy, you gettig any good live now?

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            I have not looked for any lately. We bought them to bring to a friend's house for a boil and have not had another chance to get crawfish since then. I am sure they must be cheaper and more available now.

        2. I went by Yo Mama's yesterday and they were boiling up some pretty decent size crawfish. I hope they are doing them as good as last year. He usually has them on Fri, Sat, and Sun. at 1, 3, and 6pm.